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  • Hi Joe,

    Since I messaged you I have revised my ferry booking for August the 11th, as my ride officially starts in Santander, Spain, I'll probably look to meet up with you the following weekend! I've got my Rukka suit so hopefully the rain will stay at bay ;) It survived a wet Scotland trip!! :)

    I'm not planning a route for this trip, just POI's and see what happens / where I get to but nearer the time I will get in touch :D

    Looking forward to it,

    Hello Ash

    The weather in October/November in Switzerland can be between wet and sunny.
    It is not the best part of the year for biking or any outdoor sports.
    So, I'd advise changing the schedule to July/Aug or bringing some rain-gear.

    I live in Kanton Zurich and I am also happy to meet up with you. Just let me know the time, your route and then I can plan an "intercept" point.

    Warm regards
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