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    Is two up really that bad?

    We used to ride and camp all the time, 3-4 day trips ~1000 miles. The GF definitely says the NC has the most uncomfortable back seat of any bike I've owned, including with some aftermarket seat options. She says it is also very cramped back there with the OEM top box. She is 5'-4" at 110lbs so...
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    Do you change your windshield for touring, then switch back for local riding?

    I don't, and didn't, take my screen off even when I lived in Florida. You'll still be mostly in the wind and it really doesn't get that hot while you're moving. I'm on my 3rd Madstad and think their stuff is awesome. Regardless of how infinitely adjustable their stuff is, I found the right spot...
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    Honda CRF250L owners: your opinions, please

    There is always the added comfort in having a bike that is under 300lbs! I had the WR250R for some time, it had a super moto kit, and it was one of the most fun bikes I have ever owned. It could go anywhere, weighed nothing, and got like 75 mpg. You don't need a ton of power to have a ton of...
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    new bike!

    The back seat might even be big enough for a real passenger!
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    CTX sidestand for lowered 700X?

    If by Boulder you mean Boulder CO, pick up a spare sidestand for as cheap as possible and swing on down to Arvada. I'm far from a professional welder but we could probably come up with something functional! I do assume it's a steel stand right? I don't have equipment for aluminum welding. Eric
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    NC700X/750X side stand length?

    9" measured on the red line below. Top tip to center of pad. Taken on 2012 NC700X
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    Best economical rear tire for mostly on road use?

    One more for the Shinko 009. The rear on my Ninja lasted 13,000 miles. Never replaced the front and sold it with 19,000 on that tire...
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    Rocky Mountains near Denver

    GoPro Hero 4 Session on a chest strap
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    Rocky Mountains near Denver

    Riding in the mountains back in March. I'd been riding to work between snow days and was extremely excited to finally get the motorcycle in the hills.
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    Which way to go, Colorado or Tail of Dragon?

    I, personally, would go with 'The Dragon' route, though it's a very tough decision and really depends on what type of days/riding you want. I have ridden quite a bit in both destinations but not much between the two. Check out Roadside America for points of interest along your route, too, if you...
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    Buying a damaged bike out of state, help with pics?

    It is unfortunate to have to drive so far to check it out, then again I drove 9 hours to pick up mine for a great deal... during my ownership it has been blown over on both sides (while parked in freak wind storms :(). Here's what I have found: Right Side: Muffler dents, broken footpeg...
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    Budget Top Loading Saddlebags?

    Top Box Honda's top box does take up a few inches of passenger real estate. It would have been much better if it was 3-4 inches aft of current placement. I can't sat anything for the competition, but chances are that aftermarket racks could be quite a bit more customizable when adding a top...
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    Which seat to get? Sergeant or Corbin???

    Corbin and other thoughts I've had 3 amazing Corbins, including for the NC. Had a Sargent on my BMW once and hated it. I think the Sargent for the NC only includes a matching passenger seat cover. If we were going to continue any more serious trips on the NC, I would definitely opt to go the...
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    For Sale, Nearly New Corbin Seat, Front and Rear 2012-2017 NC700X - $420

    SOLD - For Sale, Nearly New Corbin Seat, Front and Rear 2012-2017 NC700X - $420 SOLD!! Hi everyone, I have a Corbin seat for sale, front and rear. It is in very good shape and was only on my bike for a couple weeks. We put 1000 miles on it in one weekend and some misc. around town. I...
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    Stock rear seat - 2014

    Semi bump? In my case I am just looking for a spare rear seat pan to play around with. Maybe we can make this a team effort!