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    Riding with a passenger

    Thank you. That’s an interesting idea, I haven’t heard that before. The ride went well, and we both had a good time. Luckily we got the best weather we’ve had in weeks! She was squirming and moving around a bit, though I had instructed her to keep still, which was unsettling. I will remind...
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    Picking up a '13 NC700X Thursday!

    Can someone please tell me how to get these pictures right side up?
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    Picking up a '13 NC700X Thursday!

    Here is the only picture I have from behind.
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    Picking up a '13 NC700X Thursday!

    I have the Givi V35 Monokey bags. I like them a lot, and I think they look quite good on the bike. I didn’t have to replace the grab handles or anything. They are easy to put on and take off, and the brackets by themselves are not obtrusive. Sorry about the photo- I don’t know how to get it...
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    Picking up a '13 NC700X Thursday!

    I just go to my dealer where I bought my bike(s). They treat me very well, and I don’t mind paying a little extra to support them.
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    Riding with a passenger

    Thank you Thank you to everyone who for the posts and advice. Much appreciated!
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    Selling 2014 NC 700x

    It looks really sharp! I’ve never been a fan of black motorcycles, but I think it looks great with the red accents. It’s too bad you have to sell her. I would think you should have no problems finding a buyer, especially with the low mileage.
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    Riding with a passenger

    I have agreed to take a woman I met for a ride this weekend, at her request. I am feeling kind of nervous about it, because I haven’t ridden with a passenger in 35 years ( I just got back into riding again 3 years ago). How does the NC handle with a passenger? Any tips would be appreciated...
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    Center stand

    I bought the Honda centre stand when I bought my bike. The cost was $250 Cdn. installed.
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    First motorcycle dirt ride.

    . Thank you!
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    First motorcycle dirt ride.

    What tires are you using?
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    Windshield choices

    My bar ends were hitting the shield slightly after I installed it, when the handlebars were fully turned, so I adjusted them downwards. I also added some small bar raiser spacers (I can’t remember what they’re called), trying to find a more comfortable riding position. It worked well - I now...
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    Offering new riders advice

    The other day I was sitting outside Starbucks on Brant St in Burlington when a young guy rode up on his new cbr300r with his girlfriend on the back. I struck up a conversation. He said he got his motorcycle licence 2 weeks ago. I noticed they were both wearing running shoes, he had jeans on, and...
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    2018 Goldwing DCT

    This is probably the wrong thread to post this in, but I wonder why Honda isn’t offering DCT in some of the smaller displacement bikes to attract new riders? I would guess that learning to use the clutch and gears is a big barrier for many new riders who might otherwise take up motorcycling...
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    rear tire alignment

    Great, thanks!