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    Harley-Davidson suspends production for two weeks

    Wow: Harley-Davidson said Thursday it would temporarily halt production of all gasoline-powered motorcycles for two weeks “out of an abundance of caution,” due to an unspecified issue with a supplier’s component and a “regulatory compliance matter.” Production of electric LiveWire motorcycles...
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    nc700 rear rack

    Dale's rack was top quality and absolutely worth the price -- I WISH the OEM stuff from Honda was that good.
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    Fork Oil leak

    I tried the All Balls fork seals on my 2015 DCT and they didn't fit -- they were a mm or 2 too big and would not seat. I went with the OEM.
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    Fenda Extenda…how to attach?

    i used some black silicone adhesive from Lowes Depot ... that was back in late 2015 when mine NC700 was new ... the extender is still on and I've no issues. I just put a healthy layer on the extender, placed on the fender, and used two small spring clamps. Let it set maybe 2 days (I put it on...
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    Need Help AliExpress fog lights, wiring and installation question - before purchase.

    I used a Skene controller when I mounted my aux lights. Allows wiring to the existing headlight switch, and let’s you set the brightness of the lamps when the headlight switch is hi and low. I didn’t want to have another switch on the bike. The installation on my 2015 700X DCT was easy. Skene...
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    How you pack your bike?

    all tools go in the right pannier (so I'm opposite traffic when digging about for tools, air pump, etc.). Riding gear in the left pannier (rain gear, extra gloves, clear face shield - I wear the dark one most of the time for sun -- maybe a thermal shirt if I'm riding in the cold). Street...
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    WRITE & WRONG: The Top 5 Things Motorcycle Reviewers Need to Get Over

    most reviews are just extensions of the marketing brochures
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    2022: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    Do those “lock” in various positions? And if so how do they lock? I have some that use little pins you have to move to different positions (and which you drop and spend 30 minutes or so trying to find) to lock the footrests in different positions around the hub
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    Hondacare Protection Plans

    And here’s the other thing I don’t understand about buying tires locally. If RevZilla or anyone else can sell them cheaper online, why wouldn’t the dealer just buy them online himself, mark it up 10%, and then charge a reasonable price to mount them, and sell the whole thing as a package? I’d...
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    Question Phone mounts

    Fwiw - Charlie Boorman uses the quad lock and in an interview said he used it when he had his near fatal crash several years ago. He was crushed but his phone was unharmed. I still don’t own one but I’m thinking about it. Boorman: “And then I had this huge crash in 2016. This massive crash...
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    Deal of the Week: Hi-Vis Jackets Up to 50% Off

    I’ve just about quit going to revzilla’s site because there’s no way to search by “in stock” and I’m tired of finding an item only comes in xxs or size 58.
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    And they are an odd shape so not efficient in terms of space. I have them and would buy almost anything else if I could do it again.
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    If/when the NT1100 comes state side

    I don’t get putting throttle by wire on the bike and not adding cruise control (and, to a lesser degree, traction control or “ride modes”). Does anyone care about throttle by wire in the abstract? To me it’s just the necessary tech to get cruise control. On a “commuter” bike like the NCX, that...
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    Question Tire change question - one tire vs two tires at the same time

    My rear tire always wears before the front. I’ve changed just the front if I’m staying with the same brand and model of tires. If I’m switching make/model, then they both get changed and any “unused tread” is just the cost of doing business. I think I’m going to go to the Road 5 on the next...
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    Gas pricing

    why is gasoline treated like ice cream ("free" market), charge what you want, buy what you can afford, but electricity and natural gas are public utilities? That one has confused me for a long time ... energy is energy, and I don't know many in the US who can control gasoline consumption to any...