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    32,000 mile oil report

    Stock bike, stock filter. Has been changed at 12k and 24k. Also Maxima 10w-40 has been run since break in. I also wonder how 10w-30 would break down but here in hot *** Florida I'm not interested in a thinner oil.
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    32,000 mile oil report

    Lol you better hope they didn't hear that, they may be coming for you.....
  3. Hmcp88

    32,000 mile oil report

    Ya I am enjoying being around motorcyclists and not pirates :). May even get one, hardest part isn't deciding to get one, just which one to get lol.
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    32,000 mile oil report

    K&N it's whole life. By the way I took my dad's spot at BMW if your ever around come by. I saw someone you know, can't remember his name but he has a r1200gs, said he rides with you, nice guy.
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    32,000 mile oil report

    Someone always says that but there's nothing there you can't google :)
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    32,000 mile oil report

    32,000 mile oil report from blackstone labs. I read this earlier and couldn't for the life of me figure out why I have silicon in my oil. It just hit me as I read it again that I did the water pump at that service where I re filled that sample of oil and I used a little rtv silicon on the o...
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    Iron butt questions

    Ya it does scare me how many people there could be. Like I said I learned long ago when I first started doing track days that many people talk, only some people do. Even if so, I think a strict be there or be left behind rule should be in place to follow a time schedule. May make someone mad but...
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    Iron butt questions

    So I am doing an iron butt 1000 next month and have some questions for the experienced riders that have done one before (no matter what bike not NC questions). First thing we have what could be 5-10 riders going, we will see how many walk the walk when the time comes but is that too many? I...
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    Look what I found in a coolant hose

    I did the 5th service (32,000 mile) a couple of weeks ago and I am still getting paint flakes out of mine. I got almost 100% of the paint out of the necks of the radiator this last time as they were badly flaked. No running issues from it though, just get the loose stuff out when you do the...
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    Question re Honda OEM Sidecases

    I bought my oem luggage used and the seller and I agreed that I would cut my tail section so he didn't have to send me his. You could swap with the person if you trust them but I don't think the cuts stand out if the luggage isn't on. Other than that just make sure all the hardware is there...
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    The 999 club.

    I like the gauge on the new one, looks crisper. Plus moisture gets in mine it has left stains on the inside..
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    Crank Case breather tube???

    32,000 miles and I have never had a drop of fluid in my breather tube.... Sounds like too much k&n filter oil like 670 said. Edit: all the breather does is collect moisture that enters the air box, my old nighthawk used to get a lot of moisture and I would drain it when I did the oil change but...
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    Coolant leak

    Search "first complaint, unfortunately". Edit: never mind the search engine is junk, search coolant leak and enter that thread
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    Sw motech rear rack with honda sidecases?

    Will not work sorry, not a chance.
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    What repairs, replacements have been made on your nc700?

    Water pump leak around 24,000 miles. Other than that just reg stuff. Chainssss as in plural because this bike eats them, tires, brake pads, rebuilt front brake master cylinder. Needs a front rotor soon as the pulsing is getting annoying.