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    So what did you do TO your NC700 today.

    Road home in the snow tonight.......
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    Clutch went out!

    I checked the OEM fiche, no gasket.
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    My 705 after 6900 miles

    Could have squeezed a few more miles out of it.
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    Two in front...or two in back

    Corvette convertable
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    Traveling with the bike, not on it.

    You haven't removed the plastic cover on your horn from shipping.
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    Horn Button

    Same here, I have to look for it and reach for it!
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    Vegas to Vegas 14 days

    Do your self a favor, use this as a map, not a calendar.... Go back to see what you don't get done another time...........:D
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    Help - 8000 mile service cost

    1.5 is time for the X and 2.7 for the XD. No valves...........
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    Ok, be honest with me...

    After my 700 mile 2 day trip, I've gotta say it's one of the most fun bikes I've had, and I've had a few, plus it so versatile. It's affordable, great handling, lends itself to all kinds of storage combinations, fantastic mpg, very low center of gravity. Does it have great acceleration? No but I...
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    So what did you do TO your NC700 today.

    My 705 is about ready to give it up at 5500 miles. I'll throw another one on, it seems to work pretty good just about everywhere.
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    700 miles on a Air Hawk seat pad

    I'll give it more attention. I want it to work.....
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    Ok, be honest with me...

    This is the most versatile bike I've ever owned. Big enough to run highway small enough to get around on ATV and 2 track trails. I can load it on my hitch rack on the back of my motorhome myself and throw the wife on the back and go sight seeing. My 700 mile trip in the mountains of WV got me 71...
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    700 miles on a Air Hawk seat pad

    It's their new adventure bike model. I tried low air and full air. With it full you rock around on it to much, low air seemed to not help my bone'y butt. I'm not done playing with it. I should have changed pressure more but it's tuff to do while moving and I had miles to do. I'll post any...
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    700 miles on a Air Hawk seat pad

    I passed a bunch coming into this state park. Asked a ranger if it was allowed and she said I didn't have to go that far. As long as you don't cut it down, help yourself! And it was easy to find.. That was Frog Pond West Virginia.
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    700 miles on a Air Hawk seat pad

    I just put this on for a ride this weekend. I've read other seat reviews and thought this might be the answer for longer rides. I think it increased my mileage between "I need to get off" from before. I played with air pressure some but here is the problem with any air or water bladder seats...