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    2022: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    Well I left the nc700 in the basement and went and bought this 1974 Honda CB550. It was a find but it wasn't in a barn.
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    New Skid Plate

    Just installed a T-Rex skid plate on my 2017nc700. Looks great. Now waiting on my"Pretender" sticker for the windshield...
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    Highway pegs

    Looks like you have seen this before; Givi engine guard, inexpensive pegs... they can be reached while underway...can prevent the old legs from seizing up...
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    2022: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    February 11, 2022. Riding with a friend. Homewood Alabama to Rusty's Barbecue in Leeds, Highway 25 to 231 to Logan Martin dam, Talladega for coffee, Highway 34, 78 back to Leeds to Buc-ee's Pump No.16 ( another story). Back to the house, about 200 miles. Perfect weather...
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    21 Givi HP1192 hand guards installed

    I shopped around for a windshield deflector to get the air flow up and over my helmet. Found one on line that works well for $18. GIVI sells the 'same' item for $130.
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    Tyre mileage on nc750

    I would like to hear a discussion of strictly tire pressures, front and rear, primarily for pavement...
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    New Givi Screen

    I have the GIVI hand guards and am very pleased with them. However, the mounting hardware results in an A-symmetrical installation due to the different controls left/right. The issue is that the right side, at full lock, interfered with the windshield causing it to break the windshield. After...
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    Question Chain maintenance

    I have a 1972 Yamaha DS7 cafe racer. The engine as far as I know has not had any work done for its 13,000 or so miles. When I was building the bike I found that the output shaft seal was leaking. I thought about replacing it but realized that it was leaking just the right amount of oil to keep...
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    Thoughts on buying a new 2017 NC700X in 2021

    Congrats. There can be no regrets buying a new motorcycle...
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    Thoughts on buying a new 2017 NC700X in 2021

    You may have made the purchase already, but the price would be/was the only issue. I bought a new 2017 in 2019, manual tran for $5700, from a dealer.
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    Brazil’s President

    This photo has probably been seen by the forum, just in case. The President of Brazil...
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    Clunking on shifting and acceleration

    The shifting guidance in the owners manual for mph is quite low. Wring it out a little. The engine will thank you and you should have more fun...
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    2021: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    Road a 60 mile loop to Cracker Barrel to buy some Chow-Chow. One excuse to ride is as good as another...
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    Looking for 1973 Honda CB450

    Looking for 1973 Honda CB450