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    How To That darn pointy seat

    I remember a time when stock motorcycle seats were comfortable. They were low enough that riders could flat foot yet still have enough thigh support to be comfortable for hours. Then seats started getting taller for some reason & to allow shorter riders to flat foot they had to remove thigh...
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    Ordered Spiegler Stainless braided Brake Lines

    I think they're the same for manual or DCT. Not certain but I checked on their website for the 2013 & it didn't specify either one, just the model & year. Just to be sure though I'd call them. 1-937-291-1735
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    Crash Bars NC700X

    At some point crash bars can cost as much as what they're supposed to protect. Then I consider the odds. Most of my riding days are behind me (63) & I've had 2 road crashes but my bike wasn't sliding down the road on its side. I was looking for something cheap that might prevent or minimize...
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    Corrosion on exhaust header

    Wonder if black exhaust header paint might cover it up without flaking off.
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    NC700X Stock windshield removal

    I cut my screen down to the mounts & it was quieter. Then I just took it off & it was even quieter. Wind blast isn't bad under 70 but a few hours over 70 might be tiring. Winter I'll see if I can figure out how to mount the tall screen I ordered last year. First try was a PITA so I left it off.
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    Question Rev-limiter

    I hit the rev limiter once. After following a really slow driver on my favorite country road. Traffic didn't allow passing so I'm riding like 20 mph under the limit & getting frustrated. Took forever & I pinned it when he finally turned off & hit the rev limiter. Normal riding I don't hit it.
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    Need Help Rider's Guilt

    Yep, rider's guilt here. Plus the fact that my wife worries about me riding a motorcycle. When I was single I rode about 10,000 miles a year. Married I average about 1,000 miles a year. She won't ride on back. I quit trying to talk her into it.
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    Suzuki Could Release the Chinese-Made Haojue DR300 as Its Own

    Hopefully those ugly air scoops can be removed. Not sure what makes those so popular today.
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    Black or White?

    After a hit & run accident in my black & gray jacket 15 years ago I decided on a hi-vis jacket. So far no accidents, just a few close calls. Problem was I went from mesh to textile & I'm getting too old to ride in 105+ Texas summers. Also the hi-vis yellow eventually became low-vis pastel...
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    Next Tires?

    Very impressed with my Dunlop Q3 Plus tires. Got them scrubbed in & hit the twisty roads outside of town. A whole different feel than my 6 year old Dunlop Trailmax DS609 tires. Those felt wooden. No feedback. These Dunlops stick like glue. I doubt I can hit the limit of grip on public roads. I...
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    3/4 Helmet Opinions

    My brother just bought a pair of open face, Shoei J-Cruise 2 helmets for him & his wife. He said the open face helps with his outward vision. I have to wear the quietest helmet I can find. A modular Schuberth C3 Pro. No problem with outward visibility. It's my 2nd one.
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    Considering New 2015 NC700X (Dealer Special) Should I get a later model

    Got my new manual 2014 last year for $4,977. Loving it. Probably my last motorcycle until I'm too old to ride.
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    Where stands your "fear line"?

    Had a 5 hour break between thunderstorms & got them installed today. Did the online rebate for $60. Went straight home & hope to scrub them in next dry day. Love the feel of these just zig zagging some on the way home. They told me to take it easy until the wax coating wears off 50-100 miles...
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    Where stands your "fear line"?

    There's a rebate on Dunlops until April 30. I've read "up to $100" but not sure until my Q3+ are installed. They arrived last Friday but it's raining for a week so they won't be installed until maybe this Friday. If the monsoon stops. Having the dealer install them.. Without the rebate they were...
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    Where stands your "fear line"?

    I think my fear line is about to move. The 6 year old Dunlop Trailmax 609D tires that came on my new/leftover NC700X are about to be replaced with Dunlop Q3+ tires. I enjoy riding a slow bike fast & the old Trailmax tires have no feedback so I don't push it hard. I haven't ruled out Pirelli...