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    does it fit? (helmet addition)

    Klim TK1200 Traverse I received this re-do of the Lazer Monaco a couple days ago from Though the shell size appears to be slightly larger than the fiberglass Monaco I'm replacing it does fit in the frunk of my 2012 NC700X. It takes a little wiggling; be sure to hold the...
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    campin with the NC

    Does anyone know if they still have those exquisite ribs at Tombstone's Lucky Cuss?
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    MadStad adjustable windshield system for the Honda NC700x

    Deflector brackets on top of windshield bracket on my U.S. model 2012 NC700X; 22" clear MadStad. I haven't noticed any vibration.
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    True Confessions

    Yup. With a yard-long inseam I use the front of the back seat as part of the driver's seat, especially when I've got a hoof on the highway pegs.
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    Seen in the wild

    Maybe saw one. Wednesday, May 10. Route 66 just above Oatman, Az. Sight lines short there. Black or silver, panniers. Rider wearing fluorescent green jacket, white helmet.
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    Sit&Fly / Sit & Fly Seat Cover

    Greenboy: I can't tell from the picture, but on which side is the washer part of the hollow metal attachment sleeve going through the rubber washers at your seat's rear attachment points? Both my original and replacement stockers had the washer on the inside. I don't know if that makes a big...
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    camp and ride

    Is the Lucky Cuss in Tombstone still serving those incredible ribs?
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    Rider magazine April 2017 NC700X review

    Try Motorcycle Consumer News.
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    Avon TrailRider

    Pirelli Scorpion Trail IIs about worn out after 5500 miles or so; and Avon finally making a fitment for the NC that ain't a supermoto; I'll be making the switch. Tyres: AV53 front and AV54 rear have arrived, they'll be spooned on as soon as I've squeezed the last little bit out of the Pirellis.
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    Cooling Vest

    Work pretty well for me. I use a Hyperkewl. First one was a vest. Second one has sleeves that zip off. They only seem to last about a season. I live in the desert, temps up to 115 or a little more. Very low humidity. Thing is they gotta stay wet and you gotta stay moving. More air flow (under...
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    anybody mounted analog thermometer on handlebar?

    Here's the one I use. Looks fine, costs $10. Pretty small, so if your eyes are as aged as mine I don't suggest you try to read it while you're riding. After a couple of years I know about where the needles is going to be for any particular temp. Black on black bar reads way too hot if the bike's...
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    2015 Yamaha FZ-07 vs 2014 Honda NC700X

    That seems to be the crux of it. I rode a Yamaha XS650 many years ago and loved it. I might have considered the new Yamaha parallel twin if it had been around at the time I bought my NC. BUT: I can't stay off dirt roads. Everywhere I want to travel seems to involve at least a few miles of dirt...
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    My NCX vs Ducati 2015 Ducati Multistrada & Hypermotard...test rides

    If ya just gotta try something Italian the new Aprilia Caponard Adventure looks pretty good. The NCX can be a fairly comfortable bike, though. After 10,000 miles under a 300 lb. behind in the hot sun the factory seat is even beginning to break in.
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    Honda Touring windshield vs Aftermarket

    Slower speed on an ST? You mean under the ton, right?:)
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    Shorai BMS01 Battery Charger Review

    How did that Shorai battery work out for you? Shorai's site is also recommending a "duration" battery; LFX19A4-BS12, for $10 more. Any idea what they mean by that? I'm thinking the lithium batteries will be less subject to "surface charge" problems than a lead-acid battery. Anyone have any input?