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    2018: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    The rain held off yesterday evening and I was able to take my bike instead of my car to an evening IT professional's meeting, held this month in the meeting room of a busy-ish pub in an area where parking can be hard to find in the evening hours due to mixed residential/business use street...
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    2018: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Well, I started out just going out Hwy 6 for a bit, then said "What the heck" and kept going. Figured I'd stop for a sandwich and beer in Tillamook, then head home.
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    2018: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Got out this afternoon for a little ride out to the Oregon coast, taking advantage of the unseasonably warm(er) weather over the weekend.
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    Mesh Pants with Armor

    Stumbled across and ad for Bohn Body Armor a couple days ago. Just thought of it for this. Bohn Armored Pants for under jeans. Looks like all CE-rated padding, and lots of it.
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    Washing the nc's

    Wait, we're supposed to wash our bikes?
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    What mtorcycle did you use for your driving test?

    Oregon hires out the testing to Team Oregon, which is a cooperative effort between Oregon DOT and Oregon State University. Once you pass their tests (written and on the bike) you get a certificate to take to the DMV showing that you passed the tests and are eligible for your endorsement. They...
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    SHIOEI RF1200 HELMET - GAME CHANGER (For me anyways)

    I love my RF1200. Tried several different helmets and found that it fit the best. It keeps things pretty quiet (I also use ear plugs when I ride other than just down to the pizza place a few minutes away to get a slice). I figured that the noise I always heard was just normal helmet noise...
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    Got to ride a Ducati Multistrada while on vacation... Wow

    He's actually looking at eventually selling his Multi for either a comparable KTM or Africa Twin. Even having dealer hookups (he used to work for Ducati), he said the maintenance was the one expensive part about owning the bike. All in all, though, it was still a major kick in the shorts to...
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    Got to ride a Ducati Multistrada while on vacation... Wow

    The valve jobs definitely cost more on the Duc due to the Desmo valve system. Cost-wise, though, not too bad for a used model, considering what you're getting. Saw some '14 Multi 1200's for around $9k. Sure, more than an NC, but not completely unreasonable for what you're getting, either...
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    Join FUELLY!!!

    This, totally. I end up taking pictures of my odometer and the fuel pump display so I can later enter in my data from my computer since I can never remember my password for the site when I'm on the road.
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    Got to ride a Ducati Multistrada while on vacation... Wow

    That's part of why I didn't take out the CBR1000RR that's sitting in there (his track bike)... That and I didn't feel like I had a death wish that morning.
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    Got to ride a Ducati Multistrada while on vacation... Wow

    So, while travelling on vacation this past week, stopped with my girlfriend and visited her oldest son outside of Austin for a couple of days. He offered to let me take a spin on his Multi, so of course I took him up on it. After finding some gear laying around that I could fit into, we went...
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    I am doing an 8 day ride in Oregon / Washington.....

    Depending on when you're passing through and how much time you're looking at spending in the area, several of us Portlanders may be able to meet up for a local ride, lunch, dinner, whatever. HWY 101 along the coast would be a much-preferred route over I-5 for scenery and some curvy spots. In...
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    2017: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    What started out as a quick ride ended up being an almost 4 hour trek. Missed a turn, thought there was another road further up (there wasn't) so decided to just keep heading west and see the ocean today. Through Tillamook, down 101 to Lincoln City for a gas-up and late lunch, then back around...
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    Removing side panels

    Depending on the panel(s) you want to remove, you may need to start all the way at the back and work your way forward, removing them all (they overlap and some nuts are hidden behind the previously-removed panel). Do a quick search for instructions on adding the heated grips to get a diagram for...