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    OEM windshield wanted

    If you are still interested, I have my stock 2016 NC700XD DCT windshield wrapped up. Took it off with about 600 miles on the bike.
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    NC700X DCT 2016 parts

    Hey Northshore, I still have the stock chain guard for my 2016 NC700XD DCT. Do you still need one?
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    SOLD** Delkevic Oval Muffler for NC700X

    I will find out by tomorrow and let you know. I’ll check on a couple options. USPS, UPS and Fed EX. UPS to N1P 1A1 (Cambridge, Ontario, CA) since I do not know the actual postal code: $38.54 USD USPS $61.50 USD. Obviously these are only estimates, but Im fairly sure they will be close. Did not...
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    AltRider NC700X Skid Plate Never Installed - Missing Mounting Hardware

    This skid plate was purchased for a 2016 NC700XD DCT. I got it with the NC700 when I bought it last year. The mounting hardware was not included in the package. I have the install instructions and a PDF of the missing mounts. Items #5 & 6 will have to be made and the others purchased. I...
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    SOLD** Delkevic Oval Muffler for NC700X

    **SOLD** This Slip on muffler was used for about 100 miles, maybe less. I took it back off when I traded my NC700XD in. It looks great and sounds nice. I would like $100 for it excluding shipping. It is the 14 " Stubby Stainless Steel Oval Muffler to fit NC700 & NC750 (2012 - 2019) List $194.95.
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    *SOLD* Pirelli MT 60 RS Corsa Dual Sport Front and Rear Tires for Sale

    *sold* Front is 120/70-17 (PD: $168) and the rear is 160/60R-17 (PD: $186) Date Code: 3417/4917. I bought them a few months ago, but traded in my NC700XD for a 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sport ES DCT. $150 for the pair excluding shipping.
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    Looking for 50/50 tyres with decent mileage for my NC750XD

    That stuff there ended my days on trying to take my 1970 Honda CL175 off road. Southeastern Ohio had that mucky stuff everywhere! Front tire wouldn’t go anywhere I wanted it to.
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    Can I have 1 min of your time to help me?

    Done deal! And Good Luck!
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    Traded my 2016 NC700XD (2466 miles) and 2015 Gold Wing Lvl 1 40th Anniversary Edition (28089...

    Traded my 2016 NC700XD (2466 miles) and 2015 Gold Wing Lvl 1 40th Anniversary Edition (28089 miles) in on a 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sport ES DCT. I’ve wanted an Africa Twin for years but felt the seat was too high for my 30” inseam. During the NC Forum Gathering at the Blue Ridge Motorcycle...
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    Information NC Fishing Trip

    I can see turning the frunk into a live well. Lol
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    2020: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    I had the same trouble in the Smokey mountains a couple weeks ago. 992 miles in four days killed my right hand. I’m trying this throttle lock to at least give my hand a break every now and then.
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    New member welcome thread..

    Welcome TNTrash, hope you enjoy your NC as much as I have been mine over the past year.
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    Need Help Rider's Guilt

    As a good friend and mentor of mine said to me, about 30 some years ago, “F a bunch of guilt!” It will only make you and your family miserable. I take a few four or five days trips several times a year and a one month long motorcycle trip every five years. My wife of 23 years goes on day trips...
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    Kickstand 2020? Land of the Dragon.

    Stopped by and said Hello to Bobby & Mo on Saturday. They were both disappointed that they were unable to be open. I believe they were happy to see two of us there even if it was for only half an hour. IMO the Blue Ridge MC Campground is nice, but not a replacement for Kickstand. When Kickstand...
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    2020: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Today I finally put the Delkevic 350 mm stainless steel muffler and the Givi Pl1146 Pannier brackets. Now I need to pick out the panniers.