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    Harbor Freight Tire changer to mount up new tires.

    I saw the mods people were using on the youtube videos posted using the HF changer. Instead of the 3 vinyl Mojoblocks, I cut 3 pieces about 3" long off of an old garden hose. I cut one slit in each along the length of each piece. They slipped on nicely to the lip of rim and protected it...
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    Harbor Freight Tire changer to mount up new tires.

    I picked up a harbor freight tire changer recently. I just used it today to put new front and new rear tires on. The OP summed it up pretty well. It's not a top notch machine but I would recommend it as an inexpensive way to make a tough job a lot easier.
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    "Desperate times call for desparate measures" OR "Lazarus, Come out!!"

    I'd say there's a pretty good chance it was me. I bought my NC in August, 2012. I do live in South Branch but Hale is my home town. I'm on the road a lot as the NC is my daily driver.
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    Winter Doldrums (at least for those of us in the northern areas)

    Ice fishing! I've also been transforming my 12' x 14' shed from a "catch-all" into a mini metal fabrication shop.
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    Is the NC700X a touring bike?

    Stock seat here. (2) 2000+ mile trips and (1) 6600 mile trip, riding solo. More large rides like this planned in the future for me.
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    BMW Concept 101

    Hard to tell from just the one pic, but it looks like the max lean angle on the Beemer will be on the small side.
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    Brought her home!

    A little heads up for ya: It can be tough riding a moto that stylish and getting 70+mpg at the same time :-).
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    2016 Honda NX700 US model

    Looks like someone's been reading the NC700/750 forums........ I wonder if they changed the forward slope of the seat, as well as adding more padding to it.
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    Red Bull Indianapolis GP

    I was there 2 years ago to see the race. Missed it last year. Plan on making it this year. Seeing them come rippin' down the big straight at 220-230 mph on the first lap, when they're still clustered together, was worth the price of admission for me. The rest of the race wasn't bad either.
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    A little humor...

    The bond between us & our machines is strong...
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    2015: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    I put new brake pads on the front. I went with the organic/softer ones. They won't last as long as the OEM's, but they won't cause premature wear on that very expensive rotor. The originals lasted 37,000 miles. The rear ones still have plenty of life left on 'em.
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    Upper lower Michigan August 22-24

    Sounds like fun. Once again, it would hinge on whether I have to work or not.
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    50 cc Attempt Spring Break 2015

    Safety and success to you, Strat! Did you have a chat with the MC Leo in your pic? -Just wondering.
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    Its bee a long, COLD winter, but today I went for my first ride of the year!

    I wondered about the battery, but when I turned the key on, the fuel pump sounded pretty perky. My NC fired right up. As I let it warm up in my shed, I could smell something burning. More than the typical "cold air fog" was coming out of my exhaust. I gave the throttle a few blips and...
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    Tent Camping on Motorcycle

    The shop I work at will be switching from the typical 5 day work week, to a 3 day/12hrs a day system starting at the end of this quarter. We will still get paid for 40 hours :cool: 4 days off in a row....-every week! I see many camping trips with the NC in my future!