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    User Tyre recommendation list

    There have been several threads on this topic over the years. I thought they were in the tire sub-forum as much as anywhere else, but don’t recall for sure. I don’t keep bookmarks for everything, so I don’t have a list to post. Sorry.
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    Question OEM Top Case Rack Fitment

    Well, like I said, Honda may have changed things relatively recently. I have every accessory Honda makes (made at the time) on my ‘12, and the one-key system does (did?) not apply to the top case unless you modify things yourself. Sorry I don’t have a bookmark for the thread that outlines how...
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    Need Help Preload adjusters

    CB1100. Those fork caps have preload adjustment and they screw right in. I have them on my NCX.
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    Question OEM Top Case Rack Fitment

    Have you seen the threads here on the board about the lock cylinder? The factory top case uses a completely different cylinder and key vs. what the saddlebags and ignition switch use. That means that as it comes from Honda, you will _not_ have a single key for ignition, frunk, and all luggage...
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    Question OEM Top Case Rack Fitment

    Since you have the Honda saddlebags and mounts (which means or includes the alternate grab handles), all you should need is that plate and mount bolts (and of course the Honda top case). Verify the mount (including holes) as suggested by Janus and you'll know whether it mates together properly...
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    Looking For NC700X Rear Trunk

    Yeah, anvils are not a wise choice. I only tried that once.
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    Looking For NC700X Rear Trunk

    I have all Honda luggage and I really like it. It has its advantages and disadvantages just like everything, but it was actually designed for the bike. A word about mounting location: Honda’s top box mounts distinctly further forward than every aftermarket top case I’ve ever seen. Other than...
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    Unsure about buying the NC750X, need advice.

    I've commuted into and out of Phoenix on my NCX since 2012. I gave up every-single-day commuting on any bike a couple years ago. 75 miles a day in mid-summer heat was getting to me. Anyway: No, the NCX engine does NOT put heat onto your legs nor any other part of you. The engine is not as...
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    Common problems.

    Congrats! Enjoy the ride.
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    Common problems.

    None known. There are complaints (budget suspension, uncomfortable seat, as examples), but not any common faults that I can think of. My ‘12 has been trouble-free since new. Only 50-some thousand miles, though. Strat put ~125k on his without significant incident. Just normal wear and tear.
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    Year two

    Ha ha ha! I bet we’ve both actually seen that around here! :)
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    Extended Warranty or No Extended Warranty, that is the question.

    My 2012 with the standard transmission was one of the early ones in the US (s/n 57). Had I bought the DCT at that time, I’d have wanted the Honda Care service contract simply because it was a brand-new-to-the-USA model with an uncommon transmission system. I toyed with the idea of buying it...
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    Year two

    Thanks for the thread. I’m very curious to hear how the lithium battery works and especially how it lasts for you, since we’re in the same climate. I look at m/c expenses differently than some, since I always include the cost of riding gear in my calculations. I see gear as basic safety...
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    New DCTs?

    I notice they removed the dual clutches in that patent app (from 2017 in Japan). As the ADVRider press piece indicates, it appears at first blush to be more similar to a quick-shifter than the current DCT. That said, I think the patent app indicates or at least leaves open the option to have...
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    NC700X Stock windshield removal

    I've run without a windscreen before. I get cleaner airflow that way; quieter than the stock flyscreen. I miss the airflow around my CBR, apart from the absolutely searing heat that would hit one leg when the wind was juuuust right sometimes. That bike either gave me total protection, or...