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    I saw this thread and had to chime in myself. I had this ALMOST happen to my NC while parked on the side stand. There was a storm coming in, and luckily for me I ran out there when it was gusting pretty good. I could see the bike tipping as if it were about to be blown over. So I just parked...
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    Bad news...

    It has 69 miles on it. Immediately, it feels right at home for me. Noticeable differences: *It does not sit up as high as the NC *Riding in the rain. The NC with the z8's gave me an uneasy feeling. The CB1100, no issues whatsoever. *Weight. The CB1100 is definitely a heavier bike, and it is...
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    Bad news...

    I'll still pop in from time to time. I did already make 1 change to the CB1100. I ordered a pair of black NC700x mirrors for it.
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    Bad news...

    Well it is official, I have let my 2013 NC700X go. I bought a 2014 CB1100, and it's an absolute amazing motorcycle. I will leave my youtube video's up for those who still have an NC, and as always if anyone has questions... Don't hesitate to ask. Catch you NC owners on the flip side. Ride...
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    Seat Concepts Video Review

    My seat is still awesome on mine, after over 2k miles on it. I couldn't live without it at this point. Quality product. Shame they don't make a matching rear seat for it though.
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    Whatever happened to Beemerphile?

    Awesome. Glad to hear it 670!
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    Whatever happened to Beemerphile?

    I'm going to chime in here. I am assuming I am one of the "other members" you speak of. I had honestly no issues with him until he started picking apart my posts, mocking some of my how to video's I made to help others. I don't really care for people who have that "I am better than you"...
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    Rear brakes weak

    It looks like the bracket and or the caliper itself is tweaked.
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    Server Must Have Been Down

    Yes sorry for the downtime. In my drunken stupor, I accidentally tripped over the power cord. Won't happen again. ;)
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    Leo Vince Restructuring

    I should have the cash for one here in a couple weeks, but the fact that you have been waiting for as long as you have has me a bit worried.
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    NEW seat! Taking a chance...

    I love the seat concepts I bought. It's perfect, but not for someone who is short. I just wish they would have followed it up with a matching rear seat and redesign.
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    Thoughts on this exhaust?

    Yeah I definitely want to get a leo vince carbon here in the next couple weeks. Hopefully they will be in stock.
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    Thoughts on this exhaust?

    Great so are they completely out of stock everywhere on the leo vince or just 1 supplier?
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    A new source for Handguards........:)

    Just a helmet and bluejeans. I suppose I am going to get criticized about this, and lectured now by the forum trolls who have an opinion about everything.