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    Time for a suspension overhaul.

    I did the Race Tech Gold Valve a number of years ago. They made a huge difference on the freeway and over broken pavement/speed bumps. Do allocate a whole afternoon (or more) for the install though since it requires a full disassembling of the forks and some drilling. You will get to know how...
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    Auxiliary Light Idea. Feedback?

    I hear ya. :) I am leaning more on using it as extra set of blinkers. I appreciate the feedback.
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    Auxiliary Light Idea. Feedback?

    I will draw it out and post it as a picture later when everything is done. It's been a fun little project. My wife compares it to Legos for grownups.
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    Auxiliary Light Idea. Feedback?

    Yah, I agree that they are positioned too low to be used as the replacement for the turn-signal. And side view is another issue, good point. So I will decide if I will use them as another set of amber blinkers or white DL. Both has its added benefits. As for the light pattern, they turn out...
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    Auxiliary Light Idea. Feedback?

    Testing out the turn-signal function with the halo ring. Would need to add resister if I were to wire it this way. Testing out the turn-signal function with the halo ring while the main LED is on. The 20W LED is overpowering the amber halo ring...
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    Auxiliary Light Idea. Feedback?

    So I decided to go with these 20W Square LED off Amazon. From the review pictures, its light pattern best resemble headlights - not quite spot, not quite flood; it's a flat patter with top cutoff so I don't blind on-coming traffic. It also has a separate wire for a set of halo lights that I...
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    Auxiliary Light Idea. Feedback?

    Those lights are way nicer than I am willing to spend. But they are sweet those. How are yours mounted on the bike? As for legality for motorcycle turn signals in Washington State, the front facing one must be on the same level, placed as far apart as practical. They must emit amber lights...
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    Auxiliary Light Idea. Feedback?

    Thanks for the feedback, rippin. I am also considering those little Xprite lights. They are really inexpensive and give a really good spot light throw down the road. I currently have a 18W LED and thought 20W combined may not be that much of improvement. But for $20, it might worth a shot...
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    Auxiliary Light Idea. Feedback?

    I have added some cheap 18W 6" spot lightbar off Amazon to my NC700X to increase visibility during dark winter commute (in Seattle area). I mounted the LED on a home-made bracket right below the headlights/baby beak. It's wired right to the battery with a 3-pin switch on the left mirror stem...
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    The Honda CRF850L Africa Twin Rumors Heat Up

    The 1000 will soon to be 1100. But I agree with you, 850 still seems a bit too big. Perhaps Honda doesn't want to cannibalize NC750 sales.
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    Finally!!! Zero Wind Noise Windscreen / Spoiler Blade Solution

    5'7 30" inseam here. I, too, has the MRA X-Creen spoiler (sports, I think) on the Tall Honda Touring screen and it has been great for the past several years. I tried clip-on first but found the X-Creen to be a little bit too wide for the honda touring screen. It's not as secure as I'd like...
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    Highest Mileage (not mpg)

    I just hit 50,000 miles last month. Bought it brand new in October 2012 with 1 mile on it. 71 total avg MPG.
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    is that rear shock worth to buy?

    Junkie. Which replacement spring did you use and how did it work out for your weight?
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    When I like NC750x but my wife like a car - This is the solution

    Well done. You did an amazing job with the sidecar. I am glad you and your wife are able to travel and enjoy the journey together.
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    Anyone running Heated Gear?

    I've been running Oxford Adventure heated grips, with heated jacket liner when it dips down between 40, in the past 4 seasons. It's been working fine but it appears to be the limit. I won't be able charge my phone on top of grips and liner. Jacket liner kept on cutting out.