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    Mystery item with OEM oil filter..

    Is it rubber? Could it be a plug that goes in the threaded opening of the filter for protecting the threads and became dislodged? Seems redundant as the filter is shrink wrapped in plastic. I haven't bought an OEM filter as I use automotive filters which are easier to procure and are slightly...
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    Information Hello from Barrie

    Welcome to the group. I'm not far from you. Winter sucks. At least Wiarton Willie has predicted a short winter. Congrats on the purchase. I have a 2015 X.
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    fork boots

    Those are taller than most others. Do you have a link? You could always back up the 3M tape with a black tie wrap.
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    fork boots

    I looked at these. I'm looking for a better fit to the lower leg. Too big of a gap 64mm to 75mm. Using a tie wrap will bunch up the excess or not provide a good seal. These boots have vent holes to allow them to "breathe". I looked at Moto Guzzi V7 fork boots but they are expensive 80 - 90...
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    fork boots

    Good news/Bad news day. I ordered the ones from post #22 off Ebay. Good news. My fork boots arrived today. Bad news. They are way too small in diameter on both ends. I should have known when the add didn't list the diameters. These are 45mm and 30mm. I need 64mm and 41mm. Good thing they...
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    fork boots

    I measured my forks and the tubes are 41mm (known). The O.D. where the seals are is 64mm. Does anyone know the dimensions of the boots? I'm hoping they are a snug fit on both dimensions.
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    fork boots

    Thanks for the link kaz. I ordered 2 pairs at that price. Nice to have a spare. Only issue is there is no bore dimensions so it's a guess if they'll fit.
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    Wanted; 2015 Canadian Edition Owners Manual. PDF if available

    I bought a used 750XA from an auction and it only came with a french owners manual. Does any one have a link to a PDF version of a 2015 english manual. I have D/L'd a 2012 manual but it's slightly different wrt the instrument panel, fuel reserve among other things. Thanks
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    Center stand

    ProCaliber emailed me back and they do not offer free shipping or any shipping to Canada. Called my Honda Dealer and they wanted 256.00 plus tax. That's about 300.00 CDN. Found a US Ebay seller for 131 plus 13 shipping and 22 duties and taxes (USD) which converts to 232.00 CDN funds. I'm ok...
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    Center stand

    Thanks for the reply. I looked up ProCaliber and they have great prices. They offer free shipping but I'm not sure that applies to Canada. I have emailed them to find out. Safety is always paramount. I've been on the bottom side of a few dirt bikes (while riding) and I don't intend to be...
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    Center stand

    General Work Stand Question; I don't have the centre stand and I will eventually get one. Can a NC be lifted with a hydraulic floor jack with a flat rubber adaptor under either the sump of the motor or where the centre stand attaches with a block of wood under where the tabs are on the frame...
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    New member welcome thread..

    Hi, Glad to have found this forum. I bought a NC750X (2015) at auction from the Canadian Government for a great price. Only 13000 kms! It was used by Environment Canada for emission testing. I'v been riding dirt bikes since I was 10. Had a Honda Interceptor 750 in 1984 but was...
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    NC 700X seat, windshield, bars, pannier racks etc. for Sale

    OEM Honda Center Stand $85 I'm interested in this. Can I get shipping cost to Canada L3Y 1Y5. Thanks