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    Held motorcycle clothing

    I own this pair of Held gloves they are the best pair of riding gloves I have ever owned. I would buy another pair if I lost these. I was not aware held made anything but...
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    Chain Oilers ... Are they really useful?

    I've been interested in the wind powered chain oilers. I currently have been using the loobman and it works fine as long as I remember to use it. Anybody have any experience with the wind powered oilers?
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    Sure someone has already posted this But for those who didn't see it before ....

    Nice article on a 7000 mile trip on a NC 700x published February 13, 2018 Two on the Road: Solo Cross-Country Motorcycle Trip with Honda NC700X
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    Highway Pegs

    Pretty sure I have the Givi engine guards, and I think they are the same diameter as SW Motech. I ordered several pairs of smaller brackets from both Kuryakyn and some off of Ebay. they'd tighten down but after an hour or so of riding they'd start moving around. I even tried putting a piece...
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    Highway Pegs

    I worked at making the clamp on highway pegs work for years but mine kept moving around also. I finally just drilled a hole through them and now they stay put. I was mounting them on aftermarket engine guards which were powder coated and even more slippery.
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    Thanks for the messages

    Great to hear from you again OCR! Post if your going to be riding.. maybe some of us can meet up with you along your route. I have been distracted with grandkids lately myself. Get better soon my friend!
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    Kickstand Ten, In the Land of the Dragon, NC Meet Up Event

    Now that my annual Arkansas trip is no more (which always conflicted with this) I'd really like to try to make this... been wanting to go to this for a long time and meet all of you (I know a few already from HU events)
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    Heated battery powered vest $27 free shipping

    This uses a standard USB battery pack that you supply (which means you can easily replace/upsize or have spare batteries). Pay attention to the sizing as this is has foreign sizing (shows US sizing also). I love that it uses standard battery packs. Gives you lots of options and very easy...
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    ATGATT ... really? I mean really?

    I USUALLY am ATGATT. There are a few times I will ride in jeans as long as they are good thick jeans... and very rarely in tennis shoes... but I know I'm wrong with the shoes! Those times are for short rides... which I know is still not a good excuse. So probably 90-95% I am ATGATT Good...
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    Key code?

    Keep the one they cut for you even if it doesn't crank the bike.. it's a spare for the frunk
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    PSA: Maybe it's time to wash your riding gear? Cleaning greasy riding gear.

    I'd recommend these 2 products... the first cleans and the second will help re-waterproof your gear : Nikwax Hardshell Clean/Waterproof DUO-Pack : Hunting Cleaning And Maintenance Products : Clothing
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    Microfiber camping towel 1/2 off ($5.58 w prime)

    If your a camper this is a good price on a microfiber towel. Packs down really small does a great job drying you off and you can dry it out quickly Coupon code "PXH7MOMM" cuts the price to $5.58. Ok.. it's more than half off... even better : Ranersports Microfiber Camping Towel -...
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    WTB: Need dashboard case

    Glad one of them was what you were looking for :D
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    ZOX Mikro Old School Solid Hands-on Review

    Nice review. I don't think I could wear one of those things riding a motorcycle.. it looks more like a bicycle helmet and leaves way too much exposed. But then I am one of those ATGATT (All the gear all the time) people. Seen way too many people with painful road rash (Google: Road rash girl...
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    WTB: Need dashboard case

    Not sure if this fits your year bike... or if it's what your looking for but maybe..... 12-15 HONDA NC700X SPEEDO CLUSTER GAUGE INSTRUMENT CLUSTER TRIM PANEL | eBay Or maybe this.... 11 12 13 HONDA CBR250R OEM SPEEDO CLUSTER GAUGE INSTRUMENT CLUSTER TRIM PANEL | eBay Since your in...