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    Sidestand Strength

    I'm reading these posts and thinking about how I don't like using the left footpeg to get on, it feels like I might overbalance. But I don't need to, instead I grab my right shin and pull it over the seat (I am 56 with a bum leg after all). But I had never thought about using the right peg and I...
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    A bit confused about the empty gas tank

    Note this post. Coupled with the fact that the most I've put in my bike is 3.2 gallons when the gauge said 0.7 into reserve and I'm not sure it will hold 3.7. But, the caveat here is that I have not run out of fuel and I could not tell you exactly how full the tank was before or at the 3.2 time...
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    LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES mentality -vs- A.T.G.A.T.T. mentality

    I used to say that I felt safer on a bike because of the increased performance in braking, accelerating and maneuvering and I ride, not like I'm invisible but like the other driver is actively trying to kill me. But now, I can't say that for two reasons. The first is I have had advanced driver...
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    Alright lets vote! Not political lol!

    After a season of trying different things I settled on long john bottoms (if it's cold enough I could wear them all day), a winter parka, a sweatshirt, a neoprene balaclava and ...gloves. All that first winter I tried different things but I would get to work and my fingers would be so cold that...
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    Has anyone checked out or ridden the Honda NM4?

    I watched this guys video and was not impressed. It is definately not my idea of what a bike should be. In my opinion it's ugly and it looks uncomfortable. The thing has enough storage on it for your phone, your sunglasses, maybe a small cover and... another pair of sunglasses? The guy in the...
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    Whats the best accessory that you have added to your NC? What do you use the most?

    Heated grips is noted a lot here and while I live in AZ it does get cold occasionally. But, I did not add heated grips, instead I bought a good set of heated gloves. They are supposed to plug into a heated jacket system but you can get an adapter so one can just plug in the gloves. I am very...
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    How about a game of NC tag? Its a lot of fun!

    whew, quick turnaround 670. Thanks for the alternate tag, covered bridges are a bit scarce in Arizona. But here is the wiki page for everyone else - Covered bridges.
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    Battery replacement

    I've been pretty happy with the lithium battery I got last year - Lithium Ion Sealed Powersports Battery. If nothing else, it's a lot lighter than the original.
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    How will modern bikes age?

    SHIMMING valves, setting quad carbs... Yea I agree with you. Back when I was a kid (in the 70s) we felt that 20,000 miles out of a motorcycle was great. We knew Harley's did better than that but that was because they were so expensive to start with that people paid to get them repaired, a lot...
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    Shinko 705 - 150/70 Rear and 130/80 Front on DCT bike

    That tire starts with more than 10/32 of an inch of tread (about 8mm). The difference between stock and the 150/70 is about 9mm. If the DCT had a problem with a different tire size than it would appear whenever you get low on tread (or when you first put these on). Granted the stock tire started...
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    Question Have you had your panels off?

    I don't know what the problem is. I think it's great that every time I pull off plastics I end up with extra pieces. Eventually I figure that I'll be able to make a whole 'nuther bike.:eek:
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    I need advice for the NC750X

    The 750X is showing a GVWR of 910 lbs., that's a carrying capacity of 432 lbs. Not too bad but of course running any vehicle at 100 percent of GVW is not really a great idea for long trips. And don't forget that does not include the weight of the luggage and associated brackets themselves...
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    2020: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Not much riding for me lately. I live here in AZ and made a commitment when I bought the bike two years ago to ride year round. But last April I bought a new car (new to me) so that I would have something to drive to work when it was too hot, too cold or too wet. My little pickup just isn't...
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    Question Shinko 705 Tire Pressure

    I use the stock pressures and have not noticed any problems. They do wear in the center more than the sides but that has a LOT more to do with the almost complete lack of curves in my commute:rolleyes:
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    Information 2014 NC700X Run of of gas test (0.7 on the dash, 56.7 miles)

    oops, I haven't run out of fuel yet and don't carry extra on my commute but a few months ago I ran it up to 0.7 and have run it to 0.6 several times. I figured I had at least another 15 miles before I ran out but maybe I was more on the edge than I thought. Thanks Andy, I will be more careful now.