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    R&R Rear Axle Tip

    Thank You. I am about to put new tires on. This will help. As I do all of my own tire work, for year. This will be my first on the NC 700X.
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    Motard Inn

    I uses them for my side cases SH36 an 3p sys . I order on Sat. and receive them on Wed at 12:30 by DHL , not bad from Spain. I am thinking of order the SH23, The SH 36 are larger then need. . If you any one would want Sh36. I could make you a good deal. Ritch
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    New Guy from Oregon

    Damascus, Or. Welcome --Would like hear from other rider in the area.
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    Russell Day-Long Touring Saddle "Never" Used

    I will take your seat for$300.00 Ritch [email protected]
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    Oregon Coast - Astoria Ride - Videos of Day One and Two

    Great job Don. You need post on Oregon scooter club See you at breakfast in OCT.