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    wannabe finally did it

    Thanks X4. I had to save the pic to a file or some such thing for it to download. To say I’m technically challenged is an understatement. ;) I’m in Bonney Lake, on the wet side. Any way OP, here’s my traveling setup:
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    wannabe finally did it

    Welcome. I just finished a two day 400 mile trip on my ‘13. I use the Givi G20 side cases and they’re small enough that I don’t even know they’re there. I recently added the Shad SH40 top case that I can attach/detach in seconds, and works great for grabbing and carrying into hotel. Id post a...
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    Which Chain Cleaner is Best? Comparison Test

    Agree that you should not over lube! What am I missing here? Use a solvent to remove, scrub off lube, then re-lube? A good brushing to get the grit off, then a wipe off, and light lube; good to go. I’ve done it three times in the last two years. :eek: My chain doesn’t look like it’s suffered...
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    Odd Wear pattern PR4

    They are as we know, dual compound tires. I wonder if in the manufacturing process your tires rubber compound on that side ended up being softer than intended? Might be worth a try seeing if your dealer will ask Michelin if they’ll warranty them? Just a thought. Other than that, I haven’t a...
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    My wife wants a LOWER + more comfortable seat on her 2016

    Here ya go- NC700X / NC700S Lowering Link Links Kit ( All Years) If you take careful measurements front and back, and lower them equally, the handling dynamics should be the same as stock. The only thing to be aware of is the lower ground clearance, and lower peg height when cornering. It’s...
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    My wife wants a LOWER + more comfortable seat on her 2016

    Why do you want to avoid lowering it? I lowered mine 1 1/2” with Soupy’s adjustable links, (the front forks can be done easily with an Allen wrench). Best thing I have done to it so far. :D
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    Honda Celebrates 50th Anniversary of CB750 With a Tribute Bike

    It’s cool looking, but when I saw your title, I thought it was going to look more retro. Like a 70’s era, but with modern tech, and maybe even do a limited production run. Oh well, I guess I’m just a sentimental ole fool. :rolleyes: My first road bike at age 18 was a ‘76 CB360T. Wish I still had...
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    When I like NC750x but my wife like a car - This is the solution

    Welcome THANGA, and awesome job accommodating your beautiful wife! Really nice work on the video as well. My wife won’t get on my bike, so when I go for rides long, or short, it’s solo.
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    Rider Magazine April 2019 Issue

    Yes, all you need for long rides on an NC is a windshield that manages the wind for your size, and a seat modification/replacement and your good to go.
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    Nc700x highway riding before first service a good idea?

    ^^ What he said. With the tolerances now achieved in modern engines, break in periods have virtually been eliminated. On autos/trucks, you need to gently mesh the axle gears, but the engines are good to go from the factory. Enjoy the ride!
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    Took a Spill

    Glad you’re OK Garry. “Giving it up” is a personal decision only you can make, and after something like this it’s understandable you’d consider it. Give it some time though, and don’t even think about riding for a while. You’ll miss it, and start again, only with a different mind set. I’m 59...
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    Summer Adventure 2018

    Thanks tuner. It'll be fun to follow along. Have fun.
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    2019 Honda Monkey coming to USA?

    $4K seems a bit steep to me. Hope that's just MSRP, and not what they'll actually go for. Cool though. Nostalgic for us old guys for sure.
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    What a pain! (Any ideas)?

    Well, the thread was pretty old so I haven't tried to search it out. I did mention this issue in my "Two days 611 miles" thread recently. So anyway, with the eBay bar risers , and some adjustments to my riding position, as well as really concentrating on relaxing my arms, it's a non issue now...
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    Two days, 611 miles

    Yes, the wind dynamic definitely changes at higher speeds with the screen I have now. Pretty much what you said. Around town, and up to approx 60 mph I have no buffeting, so an adjustable clip on would likely be the ticket. On edit: OK, so after thinking about it, I went to the garage and...