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    NC700x manual shift - downshifting issue?

    I reported this issue a few months ago but haven't had the chance to get it into the dealer yet. I've had several motorcycles and I can reassure you something isn't quite right with the shift lever or the transmission. I'll be taking mine into my local dealer and reporting it to them. The safety...
  2. pdxer_2000

    Sticky Shift Lever

    ... Thanks CorEnFa, good to know I'm not the only one experiencing this problem.
  3. pdxer_2000

    Sticky Shift Lever

    Yep, that's the plan. I was hoping to hear if others had the problem so I could, "Help" the dealer diagnose the problem with what others found.
  4. pdxer_2000

    Sticky Shift Lever

    Thanks for the feedback - the clutch lever area is super clean because it's virtually a brand new bike and the only solution that's ever worked when it's stuck is to either upshift and then try the downshift again or let the clutch lever out slightly, try again, then it goes right into gear...
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    Sticky Shift Lever

    I only have 1,000 miles on my nc700x and my foot gear shift lever has been getting more and more sticky over time (or not allowing me to down shift at all) at times when running around in-town speeds when downshifting. Up shifting seems fine. Sometimes I have to let out slightly on the clutch...
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    Just finished installing all the accessories and mods

    Hey Ron - I couldn't find Daveyhar's idea for mounting non-OEM lights... do you happen to have a link to his post or parts? Thx!
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    Anyone install SW-MOTECH Trax Evo Alu-Boxes yet?

    Hey Saru, No I haven't. I'm hoping to get the in time next year for the riding season. I don't have any touring plans this year, but if I place an order this winter and get them installed, I'll be sure to post a picture.
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    Light Bar Installed

    I have the light bar as well and I still really wanting the Honda LED Fog Lights but the only place I've been able to locate them is on a Japanese web site. Anyone else hearing anything about the availability of them yet?
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    Extreme Farkling begins..

    Cool! :cool: Can't wait to see what all you have to put on. Keep posting pics!
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    Honda NC700X Serie vs. Akrapovic

    If it is cheap beer. :p
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    Well equiped NC

    I just sent SW-MOTECH support department a request to see if they would consider making a bracket for using the Honda OEM light bar. Their HAWK fog lights might work well with the NC. A LED version would be great too. I'll keep folks posted if I hear anything from them.
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    Well equiped NC

    Well, the problem is there aren't any US manufacturers that make a factory compatible mounts for the existing holes on the light bar. I thought about using some silver Techmount clamp/mounts so I had more options. But honestly, I'm not sure I want something that looks like it's, "Bolted on" when...
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    for those in the US looking for clear lenses

    I did a side-by-side comparison against my direct sunlight photo vs. indirect light of the same lens. When viewed in the indirect light, they appear to have a smoke tint. When I ordered lenses for the rear my local Honda dealer confirmed there's only one part number for the CBR1000RR.
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    Well equiped NC

    I really want those fog lights... but I can't find any US based sellers online. Grrrr
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    for those in the US looking for clear lenses

    Actually, I think they are sold as clear but they look slightly smoked to me. Not as dark as a lot of them I've seen on other bikes. The European photos I think are taken in lower light and it makes them look darker than they really are. Either way, you'll like them for sure.