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    2020: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Changed my sprockets and chain yesterday, rode to work today, 36f° on the way to work 76f° on the way home clear blue skies, wonderful day for riding the motorcycle
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    New member welcome thread..

    Congratulations on the new to you motorcycle and welcome to the forum
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    Frunk power outlet

    Wired to the battery, it was just getting sloppy with 4 aftermarket wires attached to both the negative and positive side of the battery, to cramped and clustered, now I've got one additional wire each side instead of 4.
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    Important New Software bug thread

    I'm thinking it's related to your work computer settings, I haven't had that problem on my phone or personal computer, but have run into the same thing on my computer at work as well
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    2020: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    I rode to work today, first time in a couple weeks due to having a cold and the weather, forecast said no rain on my way to work or the way home but it would rain in between (sounds good) for once the forecast was correct (broken click is still right twice a day, yuk yuk) left for work 0130 this...
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    Thoughts on my new NC700X

    I've never used ROX brand but I've heard good things, I'm cheap so I bought these instead CNC Motorcycle Riser Lifting Handlebar Clamp for Honda NC700X NC700S NC750X NC750S CB500F CB500 They work, bars haven't moved and...
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    Exhlaust change

    Not likely, people have run the NC without the muffler at all (my aftermarket pipe sounds almost the same as without one) and there is little to no difference in engine temp or performance. The most I've seen as an increase in HP (on paper) for the NC is around 1/2 HP with high flow air filter...
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    How long did your original clutch last?

    Thanks for the reply, did you have this done or did you change it yourself?
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    Skid Plate

    Yes I completely agree
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    Skid Plate

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    Skid Plate

    If you have any fabrication skills I saw a YouTube video if a guy make his own out of aluminium that came out beautifully
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    New member welcome thread..

    Congratulations on the motorcycle and your first riding season, looks like it went well, welcome to the forum. The coastal picture that has you in it, was that taken near Horsfall?
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    Death valley rally

    For those that don't go on ADV or simply haven't come across the thread, there's a NOOB rally in March, I've never attended so I don't know many details but it looks cool enough I plan on going, riding in on my NC...
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    coming up on 100K...

    I'm planning on attending a NOOB rally in March 2020 dEATh vALLey nOObs rALLy - March 26-29 My NC has...
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    New member welcome thread..

    The sit-n-fly gives cushion and keeps water from collecting at your crotch in the rain and let's a welcome breeze through your nether region when it's hot out