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  • Thank you so much for this information! I don't have the $ to experiment and you have helped a lot. The new R version sounds improved over the std air hawk but not sure it would fit good.
    Sorry to hear about your back. Hope you get better soon
    airhawk medium 14' x 14'. It actually matches the seat beautifully!!!! Dont get airhawk 2, its cheaper but not as good material. i will try to post a pic in the next day or 2. My back is [email protected]#$#@ at the moment and i cant get around good
    Ok, i did the seat. Much flatter but still hard as a rock. The seat designer told me its the shape of the seat and the lack of room between the plastic mould and the black seat lining. There's not enough room to make it softer. So i took the plunge and bought an airhawk which matches the shape of the seat perfectly and is sooooo comfortable. I have gone from 1 hour rides with a numb ass to 4 hour rides non stop with no pain at all. I wasnt going to risk 4 to 500 dollars on a custom seat from sargent or corbin that may or may not work. I will put a photo of my seat without airhawk in the photo section for you.
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