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    Not sure. At the time of purchase seems like there was only one size available for the visor. I think it was about 3.5" tall and 12" wide. Sorry, that was a long time ago!!!
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    New Battery

    Check the 30 amp fuse under the cap of the starter relay. The starter relay is tucked in to the right of the battery (opposite side of the fuse block). And there's a spare fuse on the bottom of the relay unit. Don't ask me how I know ! Beemerphile has excellent pics and knowledge of this...
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    Welcome from Texas ! Revzilla and Twisted Throttle are two of the sites that let you search by bike for aftermarket parts. You can also go to SW Motech, Altrider and Hepco Becker to drool over farkles. You could also fly to Houston, buy mine and ride it home...already farkled ! ;) Good luck
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    Is the NC700X a touring bike?

    +1 on flattening out the stock seat by raising the tongue...that's all I needed too
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    NC Camping Tonight (pictures before/after)

    Nice pics Strat! You setup the shots with the bike by the tent quite nicely. Looks and sounds like the weather was near perfect for ya. Thanks for sharing
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    Is the NC700X a touring bike?

    Tell your dealer to call me...he can buy mine for his display!!! :cool:
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    Recommended washing techniques?

    I use option #1 and DO worry about what gets wet. I wrap the handlebar controls on both sides with plastic grocery bags and cover other items like the dash, ignition and exhaust pipe with small plastic elastasized bags (they came on smoke detectors for dust shields). After towel drying I take...
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    Canyon Lake ride

    Two great bikes!!! Glad you enjoyed the video
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    Canyon Lake ride

    Thanks! The rivers were below normal...we just got lucky and found some wet crossings. The weather has been near perfect!!!
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    Shinko 705's

    I think the Shinkos are an 80/20 tire, so not very aggressive. If it was me, I'd ride the Shinkos TO the Dempster and then change out to knobbies.
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    Shinko 705's

    I've got about 5000 miles on mine and absolutely love them. They're wearing evenly and have about 50% tread left on the rear and 70% on front...mostly highway miles.
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    Can The DCT model of the NC Do Long Distance?

    The dct can do long distance. Not sure why the doubt with the dct...can a manual tranny car do better than an automatic?
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    Canyon Lake ride

    Here's a video from last weekend. It starts off as a slideshow. Hope you enjoy!!!
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    Hillbilly Hangout II

    I am a maybe and would be camping
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    fork gaiters (ez install)

    Yours look great. I like that you use what you have for your mods!!!