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    Honda R345C Candy Alizarin Red

    Has anyone found a close color match for Honda's R345C Candy Alizarin Red? I've got a 2014 CTX700 in this color and would like to paint the color match top plate on a Shad top box to match, but found out they want $134 per pint for the OEM Honda paint! That's nuts! Anyone dealt with this...
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    Pictures of Various Honda NC700X Saddlebags

    there was some "angle grinding " involved to make the Givi brackets fit under the Honda OEM grab rails that work with the top case. More work than I'd planned on, but I'm really happy with the result. The Givi side cases are large and tuck in closer to the bike than most. I went with the...
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    Pictures of Various Honda NC700X Saddlebags

    Givi V35s Givi V35 side cases with Honda topcase
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    Windscreen's Let's see em

    Puig clear
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    Removing Left Side Plastics?

    I too am having a REALLY hard time with the top of that rear cowl. I've got the two screws out but that sucker will not slide back. Is there a trick to getting that piece off? In the pictoral images of removing the panels photo 20 shows removing the two screws, in number 21 the cowl is in his...
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    lowering links and raising forks

    links installed got the 40mm links installed this afternoon. they make the bike a much more comforatable height for me. I did support it from above to do the install which worked well. To get the bolts out an axle jack helped to take the pressure off under the shock. To get the holes lined...
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    lowering links and raising forks

    I'd like to lower my NC about 1.5" I have the lowering links and plan to raise the forks up to bring the front down close to the same amount. I'm a bit concerned about how to support the bike both when installing the links and also when the forks are loose. I don't have a center stand on it...
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    TRADE: My Givi panniers for OEM panniers

    sent a PM to you if you still got the Givi sidecases..I may be interested.
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    Trade NC700X for NT700V?

    I've actually had both of these bikes. I liked the NT quite a bit, but always felt like it needed a 6th gear. I find the NC much smoother at highway speeds.
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    NC700X to NC700S

    I have a '12 NC700X...kinda like the looks of the 700S front fairing better. I found a 700S fairing on eBay...would that be a direct fit replacement?