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    2016 Coolant Leak :(

    I found the issue! It’s not a coolant issue. The stuff is actually a very light oil not water. The hose that comes from the valve cover was disconnected, and the reatining clip missing. Must have fell off or forgot to reconnect at last valve maintenance. I’ll find a hose clamp tomorrow.
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    2016 Coolant Leak :(

    So my 2016 NC700x DCT has got a coolant leak :( Its not gas and it’s not oil and it smells like antifreeze and it’s come if from somewhere near the cooling loop. I first noticed it on the right side but theres wetness on the left side as well. The radiator itself appears dry. So I’m thinking...
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    The ever-growing list of mods....
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    My frunk is locked!

    I locked my ignition key in the frunk about an hour before dark on the southern shore of Lake Superior with no one around except my riding buddy who had a couple of tools. (The universal chinese scooter key (a screwdriver shoved in the lock) does not work, Honda makes some damn fine locks.)...
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    Chain life

    So one of the benefits, I think, of putting on a chain that is massively oversized for your bike is that it won't stretch as much. In the 10,000 miles I've had the chain pictured earlier (the 1000 HP rated ThreeD chain) in the thread, it hasn't moved. I had to adjust it once and that was...
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    2019: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Took the bike out for a winter ride today, first commute of the year. There is still some ice from refrozen melted snow in the morning. I put batteries in the Fobos tire pressure sensors, filled up tires, cleaned and lubed the chain, put some good gas plus seafoam in the tank. Got a new tank...
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    2018: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Wyalusing State Park, where it meets the Wisconsin River. :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2018: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Took the bikes out westward to the Mississippi River and back. First twisty road ride for the CTX :)
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    Installing auxiliary lights

    I put a Denali D4 set in, with the regular first gen controller that supported dual intensity. M My first set died, but Twisted Throttle was good about it. They sent me a brand new kit (everything - $400 worth) and said to just take what I needed from it to fix it and send back the rest +...
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    NC700X DCT for First Time Rider?

    I recommend 'Twist of the Wrist" books and videos by Keith Code. In some situations, your Survival Reactions (braking, letting off the throttle, standing the bike up) etc... will get you killed. One of the things you can train yourself to do (and it's hard) is to hang off the bike more and...
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    2018: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Not really NC700 related but... Helped the girlfriend choose, negotiate and buy her first bike. 2014, 1400 miles, $3990 OTD. I rode it 100 miles home from the dealer on the freeway at 40 degrees out. No windshield, it tops out at 85mph. See the DCT guy can work a shifter/clutch!
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    Hello from a new 2016 owner

    Welcome to the Forum! I have a 2016 DCT and use it for everything. Commuting in traffic, camping, weekend fun rides and the occasional long haul road trip. Rather than get 2 or 3 different bikes, I chose to accessorize this one so it does it all. After upgrading the suspension, the only...
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    Homemade farkels/accessories thread

    Pro Tip: Givi part numbers with 1111 in them are for 2012-2015 NC700, and 1146 is for 2016+ Sometimes I explore and Japanese / Italian websites with 1146 to find Givi parts not yet available in the USA.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Easier rear wheel re-installation

    Another ‘trick’ that helps is to separate the brake pads in the caliper, push the piston as far back as it will go. This will give more clearance for the disc when re-installing the wheel. My DCT is a pain because of that ‘other’ brake down there. I usually loosen that one too, cause it’s...