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    Information Can’t find a definitive answer

    Use your adjustable side stand to get the length needed, then find someone where you live that can weld, have them cut and weld your oem stand to match the length of the adjustable stand. Then spray paint black over the weld joint, reinstall. If you ever need to raise back to stock, I think I...
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    What is this?

    Looks like a rubber grommet that something pushes into like the 2 plastic prongs on the front side of the lower cowl utilize..
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    Need Help Fork upgrade

    Will do. If you like sport riding, I am almost certain this is the best route to go. When I called and talked to the suspension guy, he was looking up specs on his computer about my NC because it's not the type of bike he usually works on. He goes to local track days and tunes suspension for...
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    Need Help Fork upgrade

    I have currently sent my forks off to a well known suspension guy semi-local to me to have new springs, racetech gold valve emulators, new seals and bushings put in. I'm not sure what springs he is using, I will ask if I can remember the next time I talk to him. He said the emulators were on...
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    NC700X trackbike update!

    Also finally finished up the last bit of things from getting divorced about a month ago. Only took 6 months for an uncontested divorce and for that crazy woman to move worth it! Anyways, new girlfriend, school, new job at work, and all this other junk going on, just been so busy that I...
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    NC700X trackbike update!

    Bc I am not able to have my left leg tucked under me on the left (think squatting) it is more tiring turning left bc I am pretty much holding my body weight up with my arms, but I can do either just fine. Barber is a mix of right and left, but more rights, which I prefer. Tally is all lefts...
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    NC700X trackbike update!

    Lots going on this year, haven't been on much. Figured I'd drop in and chat about the NC. It's doing great, trackdays got cancelled from the Covid bs, but back in full swing now. Went to Barber a couple weekends ago. Running the new Pirelli TD dot race tires....and they are totally badass! Had...
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    Where stands your "fear line"?

    Correct. Here's the deal. As long as you are not going slow and using much lean angle at the same time, you'll never have to worry about losing a tire. I can put brand new Q3's on, go to the track, and be dragging knee on the first lap. When you are going faster and lean over on new tires, it...
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    Random thoughts / pics thread

    Wow, beautiful area! I would love to tour through the mountains like that!
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    Random thoughts / pics thread

    Awesome pics Greenboy, that's one of the main reasons I like riding as well. 50/50 on the fun of riding / sight seeing.
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    upgrade 2021?

    I wouldn't call more hp a "feature" lol. I figured you were talking about more electronics and gadgetry. Yeah, I 100% wish the NC had at minimum 100 hp. It would be just right.
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    upgrade 2021?

    At its price point and position in the market, I don't know if I would say the NC is really lacking on features? What features? Fancier display maybe?
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    2020: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    New track tires are in! These are the new Pirelli Supercorsa TD tires. Race rubbers that do not require tire warmers. I am looking forward to melting them at Barber in a couple weeks!
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    Looking for stock NC seat

    Seat found. Overpaid, $85 shipped on ebay, but needed one fairly quickly. Thanks!