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    Negative comments from others about DCT

    Hey 42, did you get it? I had a 2016 DCT and nobody could tell mine was auto-shift until I told them. Even when I took the advanced rider class, the instructors were fascinated by my clutch-less wonder. I got a lot of compliments on my bike and plenty of "biker waves". Unless the "naysayers"...
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    Took a Spill

    Glad you're okay. I had a bad accident, where some lady decided that she didn't want me to get in front of her and sped up, knocking me off my bike when I went to change lanes. Frame damage totaled the bike but my injuries were minor in comparison. I'd already be up and riding but because IL...
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    DCT is NOT automatic transmission...

    Wrong. It does shift up. Actually your statement is totally incorrect. I had a 2016 DCT and as long as you were not set in (M)anual mode the gears are set to upshift when the engine reaches different RPMs called "shift points". I would take mine out in (D)rive mode or if I was hitting a...
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    Cardo Scala Rider PACKTALK Duo on sale.

    I found the Cardo Duo pack on Amazon for an amazing price - $319.99 + 5% discount coupon = $265 + Free shipping. ($399 Retail) Not sure how long the deal will last...
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    What to do first???

    When I got my 2016, I rode for a couple of weeks before deciding what to change based on budget and need. Grips - I put bigger grips on because the standard ones felt like twigs when wearing leather gloves. $80 Seat - Even the tin man would complain about that torture device that Honda called...
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    Forum Speed

    Loading time is a lot quicker. Snappier response overall.
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    Down and out for a while.

    Just a quick update and answers to a couple of questions I didn't talk to the woman at all. Her passenger attempted to see if I was okay before the police and ambulance arrived. The bike had frame damage. My insurance has a "total loss" clause. Meaning that they paid me what I paid for the...
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    Down and out for a while.

    I was riding home last week and got hit. I wanted to change lanes, so I checked my mirror, turned on my signal, started to come over and BAM some woman in an SUV sped up to prevent me from coming over. Cost me a trip to the hospital and my bike. Luckily I only got a sprained ankle and some road...
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    NC700x was a hit at MSF training

    So was mine. The instructor was shocked when he couldn't find a clutch lever or shift pedal. He called over the other instructor and I had to explain DCT to them. We stood there and discussed the pros and cons until class started. Techrat
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    Do all Riding Jeans run really small???

    I wanted to buy some riding jeans with the armor in the knee. I went to CycleGear and tried on several pair. I heard that riding jeans run small so I was expecting to have to get a bigger size but this was ridiculous!!! Normally I wear a 38X30 in jeans, so I tried a pair on. I couldn't even get...
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    H-D offers $99 rider classes to military spouses.

    Just read this. H-D offers $99 riding classes to spouses of military and first responders. If you want your lady to learn how to ride on the cheap. Here's a good opportunity. :cool: Techrat. Harley-Davidson Extends $99 Riding Academy Offer To Spouses of U.S. Military - News...
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    Taking a MSF course on a new motorcycle?

    I took the ARC last year with using my 2016 NC700X DCT with less than 2,000 miles under my belt. They found it fascinating that my bike didn't have a clutch lever. After the class, they asked me if I wanted me to be an instructor but I was working a lot of overtime on the weekends. So don't let...
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    Icon Airmada - any NC700X riders wear one?

    The Scorpion cheek pad tightness is a known issue. I've read on several forums that many people have had the same issue. I came across one that stated that Scorpion can send you a set of thinner cheek pads for free that can solve the problem. I have a large head also but then again I'm 6'...
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    NC750X Honda Carrier Bolt M8 and collar

    You're halfway there. All the bolts on the bike are metric. Most hardware stores carry an assortment of metric replacement parts. You already know the width of the bolt (M8). It's a standard metric size. Take out the remaining bolt and measure the length in Millimeters and find a hardware store...
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    How to remove chain lube from a tire?

    Got my bike out of storage. I had cleaned and lubed the chain a week before. As soon as I turned out of the driveway on to a clear dry street, the back tire had no grip and I low sided. I always wear a jacket, gloves, boots and helmet so i wasn't hurt. After collecting my wits and my pride. I...