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    2016 NC700X DCT ABS Rear brake pads. (EBC FA174HH )

    Just posting this for future reference in case anyone runs into this problem. EBC's FA174HH rear brake pads do not fit on a 2016 NC700 DCT version. I've just spent a lot of time trying to make it work. Finally had to run down to the stealership to buy some OEMs. I've done the research, several...
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    Oil change, 2016 DCT. Rotella OK?

    Thanks for all the replies. Not going to Rotella T5, still don't trust it enough. About the new T6 that came out in 2017, I'm still using the old T6 that I bought a lot of. Perhaps I'll rephrase my question. Has anyone with the DCT been running Rotella T6, and has your bike been OK?
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    Oil change, 2016 DCT. Rotella OK?

    I'm not a beginner when it comes to changing oil on motorcycles, but I've never had an automatic one before. From what I've read so far, the 2016 700x DCT has a second filter that also needs to be replaced. Is the oil requirement the same for the manual and DCT version of the 700x? I've ran...
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    OEM Panniers w/hardware for sale

    Top case is included as well? Pretty nice discount for the whole bundle.
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    Madstad windshield system for 2012-2015 NC700x

    Will this fit the newer model?
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    Honda top case + Panniers + Guitar?

    @JT105 I'm kinda doing the same right now. Strapped across the back seat and right against the top case. It's pretty adequate for now, and I'm using Rok Straps which tightens it down very well. Makes it a little harder to split lanes, so I would like to somehow mount it front to back instead...
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    Honda top case + Panniers + Guitar?

    Does anyone here ride with a guitar often? I can't wear my soft case, it's a Gator progo, and I have OEM top case and panniers. Usually I just strap it to the rear seat on my other bikes. Today, I had to lay it sideways behind the top case and trap it down to my 2016 rear metal rack on the...
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    Clear Puig Windscreen for Sale

    where in socal?
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    WTB: Medium ADV jacket

    Looking for an adventure jacket like a Fly Terra or similar with all the liners included. Size medium.
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    Ram X-Grip Phone Mount - $40 - Item list in post.

    Q: Will this mount on the stock bar? Where does it go?
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    Modding Luggage to add in tie down anchors?

    Looks like a cheap hardware solution. What metal should I be looking at? SS shouldn't rust right?
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    Modding Luggage to add in tie down anchors?

    I have on my bike the Honda Top box and Panniers. Great for storage, but it does take away my spot for when I need to strap down a bulky item like my backpack, cardboard boxes, guitar, etc. I'm thinking of drilling into my top box and installing D ring anchors like these: 1/2 in. Forged Cargo...
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    Rox Risers/ Givi Smart Bar/ Jacket/Pants/Rain Gear/ Gloves/ Scala com unit/ Helmets

    Sold the jacket. Bump Sent from my LG-H830 using Tapatalk
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    Help with installing brake flasher

    On my Visitec brake flasher, there's three wires. White, Yellow, Black.
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    Help with installing brake flasher

    Hi, does anyone know where the connector for the brake is on the new 2016 NC model? Is it that big one under the pillion right behind the gas cap?