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    Ignition Switch

    Never mind, irresponsible and stupid. Lights would stay on.
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    Ignition Switch

    I have an irresponsible suggestion: wire a straight bypass and use the kill switch instead. It seems to be reliable. I use it many times each ride at long stops, and when ending my ride. Of course, theft could be more likely than a hidden toggle, but few would be likely to try to start a...
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    I think my NC700X is dying - major loss of power

    Wondering if the clutch problem was related to using the wrong type of oil last change.
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    Question Steering damper ( stabilizer ) for nc700s ?

    My 1977 BMW R100RS (touring bike) came with a stock steering damper. I had the idea at the time it was for high speeds. The bike was rock solid at 95 (where I spent much of my riding time). Don't know if the damper helped, but I never experienced any wobble at any speed. It did limit my u-turn...
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    Windscreen height

    My choice over the years is to have top of windshield just below line of sight for best visibility. On the Madstad and NC, as previously, this results in the wind flowing over my head. When wearing a helmet, there is an intermittent touch of wind on the helmet top, apparently from turbulence...
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    coming up on 100K...

    I guess I'm just a warm weather rider with a 2012 at just 23,000 miles (StratTuner is living the 12 month warm weather dream in Southern California). My first oil change I used T6 with a Purolator synthetic media filter. Second one also with T6 at 12,500 miles with oil test here. A post later on...
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    Anyone used HiFlo air filter? opinion

    That is actually accurate, but rather misleading as it is true of all filters.
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    Anyone used HiFlo air filter? opinion

    No damage proven is, well, improbable. But proven test results would be better, wouldn't you agree? If contaminants passing by the filter is the winning metric, then the K&N wins big!
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    Harley LiveWire vs. Tesla Model 3 in a Drag Race

    Text doesn't say anywhere, but the Tesla 3 was the performance model with all wheel drive.
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    Setting off in 2nd gear

    I could make two guesses: first reason is to reduce wheel spin and put more useful power to pavement. Second is perhaps unlikely, but maybe these engines make so much torque that the transmission would be destroyed in first.
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    Who does long oil change intervals?

    Just so this random opinion doesn't dissuade any readers against Blackstone, I've recently run across independent articles of visitors to Blackstone who got a tour. They get 200 to 400 samples a day, test and analyze them in house.
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    Who does long oil change intervals?

    That's interesting, thanks. Perhaps my bias against paper filters long term is misguided. In the 1970's and 1980's, I reversed that NC750X protocol. I changed the filter (in cars) every 10 or 12,000 miles, and oil every other filter change. My theory was that if the oil filter actually...
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    Who does long oil change intervals?

    I didn't know I had a choice. Only Blackstone was recommended in this thread, and I see their name come up often on forums but have never seen negative comments.
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    Who does long oil change intervals?

    Honda does oil testing for owners? If you are talking about the manual recommendation, that is pretty global for all owners under all conditions. What do you mean, "no longer certified for gasoline use"? Certifications were on the new bottle of oil I bought a month ago. I'm not sure what...
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    Who does long oil change intervals?

    I sent this quote verbatim to Blackstone for response. Here is their reply: A couple points I'd clarify. On fuel: We use the flashpoint temperature to arrive at a rough estimate of how much fuel is present (the more fuel you've got, the lower the flashpoint will be). This sample had a...