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  1. Wleuthold

    No brake light when using front brake only

    Is this by design or is something amiss on my new NC?
  2. Wleuthold

    2,526 miles in five days.

    After owning my NC for just under one month, I decided to try to take the type of ride I bought it for and headed to from Jacksonville, Florida to Detroit to meet up with my son Sam for a ride to Chicago, his new home. I left at 5:00 AM on Friday and rode the interstate highway system past...
  3. Wleuthold

    Big overflow on fill up

    I had been running almost 40 miles on the blinking bottom bar of the fuel gauge. So I stopped to fill up the bike at an unfamiliar station on Hecksher Drive, along the north bank of the St. Johns River in Jacksonville. Because I was interested in how much it would take, I was paying...