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    Low fuel warning failure

    On my 2016 XD, the low fuel warning has quit working. I had let the miles build until really concerned about running out. Fill up took 3.625 gallons, too close for comfort. Already checked, the fuel level sensor isn't available separately, it's included with the fuel pump at ~$500. I can live...
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    Information Help me fix my wrecked NC!

    Got hit in a parking lot. Lady backed out of a stall directly into me. Her right rear bumper crushed my right pannier. Can't locate a replacement yet. Other damage mostly cosmetic or repairable except right driver peg and right front turn signal. Insurance adjuster to visit tomorrow. Used...
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    DCT Fault. Argh!

    Stranded yesterday near Tuba City. AZ. Had a glitch in Grand Canyon South, stuck in traffic. Selected neutral, not normal for me. After a couple minutes turned the engine off. When traffic started moving, turned ignition on but no neutral light, pushing buttons did nothing. Turned ignition off...
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    Not quite an Adventure Bike

    Rode from Aurora, IL to Evansville, IN on Friday after completing this series of mods. Rain, lightening, traffic, and everything from Interstate (i-55 and -57) to wet, sloppy, rough gravel/dirt. These tires have transformed the bike, handles better on and off pavement. The change in tire sizes...
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    Not quite an adventure bike

    Just some practical mods for the long haul: Electric grips from Warm And Safe, Electric connector for my Gerbing vest, 2-prong SAE plug for charging tablet and phone, MadStat windscreen, Flat seat mod Ron Majors rack off my old ST, plus a light bar, Honda panniers and mounts, Raised...
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    Moonshine Lunch Run

    13th annual on April 8. This event is big, usually more than 2000 bikes at a little country store south of Martinsville, Illinois. Read about it here. Moonshine Lunch Run - Home Never Too Cold, Never Too Wet, Never Too Far.
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    Ride To Eat, Queens Pizza, Mesa, AZ, 4-1-17, 11:30 A.

    Should have posted this sooner.