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    Oldbie....gone full circle

    good to have you back!
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    Easiest way for extra lighting? see [HERE] I've attached lights to the front by bolting a angled flat bar under the "beek". That's the L shaped aluminum flat bar. Purely flat introduces to much bouncing on the road. I had to cut the...
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    Hi from The Netherlands

    Here, in Southern California, it's been a long hot summer. 'Rode around in 114 F (45.5 C) one day just so I could say I'd done it. Now it's 45 F, (7.2C) and I ride around to enjoy the cool feeling again!
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    Hi from The Netherlands

    I've owned both the FJR1300, and the NC700X. Welcome to the boards. There are good people here ready to help.
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    It's a little DIY, but this setup worked well for a long time! see [HERE] for pictures and details. The good thing about it was that the PVC structure would accept just about any set of bags you could find.
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    Question Rear Carrier and Top Case

    I've used [THIS] approach on three motorcycle, first with the NC, and it seems to work well. The items cost more in 2020 than they did in 2015, but they work. Video that shows it attached and lighted (extra work) may be found [HERE]
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    Riding attire?

    I've had a good experience with the following items for all sorts of weather. Two jackets work well, and I carry both with me all the time now. (I'll put links to each item, but searching by name works.) Jackets Hot: Tourmaster air intake 3.0 Cold: Tourmaster Transition 4 Pants Hot: Mesh...
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    How many miles have you put on your NC 700?

    Thanks for the interest.... [THIS] was a memorable has the most photos. The cross country ones just don't have the documentation the trip to Omaha had.
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    How many miles have you put on your NC 700?

    Wow ... i'm sorry i didn't see this post sooner! I will site search this forum and find the camping trips... in case I fail, here's a template for sightsearching ANY web site. Just plug in your own site URL and key words and you're off.... google often does a much more thorough search of the...
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    How many miles have you put on your NC 700?

    125,000 miles before one of the transmission gears wore out. ($1000 repair estimate.) During that time the only engine part that "failed" was the coolant pump. That NC is gone now, but it was/is my special all-time fav. Two trips across the continental US and back, as well as many other...
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    coming up on 100K...

    I will post details and preparation photos just like the last big road trip I took... That turned out to be the last big trip for my NC, and it's worth looking at... I'm not sure that I'm worth meeting, but wow thanks for saying so. (smile) the link for that post is [HERE]. edit: I just...
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    coming up on 100K...

    I now ride a Yamaha FJR-1300. Ever since reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance as a teen, I've wished for shaft driven, road ready, touring machine. Reading about the "Iron Butt Rally" also helped in that choice. I can still hit all the camping places I ever went to as they were...
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    coming up on 100K...

    Thanks for the "wow" . That NC ended its time with me at 125,000 miles. The transmission was making a lot of noise, and the $1000 repair estimate sealed it's fate. It sold at some action to someone... who will inherit all the bad wiring, the farkles, and the love that went into each.
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    We still have motorcycling . . .

    Answering my own question: [HERE]
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    We still have motorcycling . . .

    I'm happy to keep 6ft "social distancing" between my bike and the guys riding with me. I hear it's good for my health! (joke) Also, Is there a blue-tooth based app. that lets a group all talk/hear over cell phones? (Yes I know I could google that...probably will, but it's good to keep happy...
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    carrying on...

    I'm taking my motorcycle out today just to enjoy LIFE. I'm going to buy Starbucks coffee, if I can, and sit on the curb and drink it. (seating is closed in Starbucks around here.) Two young men are planting trees in a side yard and taking money home to their families. Good, they probably need...
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    $122 ? sold.....
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    USB outlets hooked up to the battery...warning

    IMHE (in my humble experience)... It's good to wire a new thing to the battery with a fused quick connect harness. two rings on the battery posts, a fuse on the red wire, and a quick connect at the other end. (commonly used to connect battery tenders). That's a start.... after that, you put...
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    Over heating due to radiator guard

    yes, I'll post the larger image when I get home. I scale them down so they won't take up as much space. (ooops!, no I won't ! The only pictures that exist of that are on this site!... and they are the ones I used in the original post!) How can I help otherwise? it's metal grating (some use...
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    Sargent makes good seats for front and back. Russell Day-Long is the best if money is no object.

    Sargent makes good seats for front and back. Russell Day-Long is the best if money is no object.