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    NC700X vs. DR650 Today - Looking to add some dirt to my life

    Congrats on CRF. I was in the same boat. NC700 will never be able to do what a dedicated dual-sport or a dirt bike can do. I test rode DR650 and hated it. Not sure where all that bragging buzz about DR is coming from but to me it felt like a heavy uncomfortable pig. I ended up picking up a DRZ...
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    Unsure about buying the NC750X, need advice.

    I enjoyed my NC for four years and eventually sold it. It is a great commuter. But I wish It had more power. NC with at least 70-80 bhp would be perfect. My Tiger has 96HP and my Striple has 106 and oh boy I really enjoy it. Way more fun. Other than that NC is an excellent machine that does...
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    FS: 2012 Honda NC700x standard. Loaded. $3900 or b/o

    Selling by beloved NC700x with 15k miles under the belt. The bike has been super reliable and I have had zero issues since I purchased it. She is fully loaded with probably all the bits and pieces you can find for this model: - GIVI engine guards - Burkbusters hand guards (real hand guards. Not...
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    Ready for an adventure ride-WABDR

    Well. Its a bold challenge for an NC. I took mine to some dirt/gravel/sand trails and didn't really like that experience. Its definitely doable but is quite rough. NC's suspension is a joke and is not suited even for light off road, IMHO. Would be interested to see how your's handled it. I am...
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    Finally!!! Zero Wind Noise Windscreen / Spoiler Blade Solution

    Is it KTM? ). Looks nice actually. What aux lights are those? Tnx.
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    Finally!!! Zero Wind Noise Windscreen / Spoiler Blade Solution

    Glad it does function well for you but boy it looks ugly. Those oversized windshields just kill the look of the bikes. Earplugs and volume up works well for me and MRA screen with spoiler adds the best look you can find. ))
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    What to do first???

    +1 on that one. I do agree that NC700 is not a dirt bike at all. Yes, you can do anything with it. It all depends on your skill and on your butt's comfort level. NC is the best commuter and that is where it excels. The suspension is way too harsh for even minor off road use and the bike is not...
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    What to do first???

    Ride it..........
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    Now that we have the new fork kits and rear shocks...........

    Just sell it on Ebay or in sales section on this forum.
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    Do you change your windshield for touring, then switch back for local riding?

    Unless they change it for another one... and another one... and another one... [emoji16]
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    Rear cases (trunks) that fit OEM rack?

    Yes, that is what I meant. I saw other Honda cases on NC700 and I actually liked their design better than the standard OEM Honda case for NC700. I guess they have the same mounting tabs. Those cases were made by GIVI I believe but I am not 100% sure.
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    Rear cases (trunks) that fit OEM rack?

    Hello ppl, Tried searching but couldn't to find anything. What rear cases will fit OEM rear rack? I saw a couple of pics on the Internet but was not able to figure out what cases they had. Not that I am against OEM Honda trunk but is just curious to know the alternatives. Thanks!
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    Full Exhaust System

    And where is the sound???
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    Handlebar and Mod Setup

    Oh boy!!! You are missing a cup holder!!!
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    NC700X project bike by Twisted Throttle

    Its for sale now! By coincidence stumbled upon this thread, watched the video and then saw an email from TwistedThrottle, that this bike is for sale! They are actually asking extremely reasonable price. Grab it!!