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    Daytona Bike Week 2018........March 9 - 18

    I went about 5 years ago, mainly to watch the 200, it was the last year sanctioned by the AMA. We took our toyhauler with the 700 in back, stayed in St Augustine at a KOA and rode down to Daytona 2 times. Most motorcycles I’ve ever see in one place and I have been to the Lone Star Rally in...
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    eBay Chinese Shock

    For 97 bucks it has my attention also. You get one and let me know how you like it. haha
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    Moonshine Lunch Run

    Been the 2 times on my Honda ST, once by myself and the next year the wife rode up there with me. It was the last one before Terry's passing. My son and I rode by there on our way home from a Michigan trip but didn't have time to stop but I wish we could have when there was no huge crowd there.
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    Moto gp 2017

    I'll be on turn 15. My son and I rode up to C.O.T.A. yesterday to watch MotoAmerica doing some Dunlop tire testing. It was free and there is hardly anyone there. Rode our bikes right up to the pit garages.
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    Tire repair, what's the best method?

    Yep, that's what I do to seat 'em. Funny this thread popped up again. Yesterday I took my V-Strom 1000 out for a spin and when I got home I was putting it on the rear stand and was staring right at a screw in the rear tire. I was hoping it was just a short one that didn't make it all the way in...
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    Which Battery Maintainer?

    I've been using Deltan Batterytender Plus since 2004. Bought my first one for my Honda ST1300 and used it on it all the time. Battery was still cranking it 7 years later till I decided to replace it just for a cross country trip to make me feel better. At one point a few years latter I owned 4...
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    Hard to put bike on OEM centerstand....

    That's the method I use except I just pull my front tire on it. I don't have a center stand on my NC but I use the plywood piece on my Kawasaki Concours 14.
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    Bad time to try to do the lake superior circle tour

    Don't see how you guys do it up there. My son and I were riding up there 2 years ago in June. We stopped at the Split Rock Lighthouse for some pictures and I was freezing, had to by a high dollar Split Rock pull over hoody to put under my vented riding jacket to continue on down to Duluth. It...
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    Wife and I drove to Atlanta to witness that game in person. Way to go Coogs!!!
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    laminar lip fir nc700

    I use one of those types that has brackets that uses an allen wrench to tighten rubber washers, not sure if it the Laminar brand, but it is adjustable. I've used it on a Ninja 1000 and currently have it on a Strom 1000. I can't tell from the pictures but does this one bolt on and do you have to...
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    Places in North America I still need to ride a motorycycle too!

    Yea, my son and I rode the Tunnel of the Trees in '14. I thought the big sand hill was way better at the National Park, I think it was just south of there. It is about 400' down to Lake Michigan.
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    returning member

    Welcome back!
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    Used Honda Grom Prices?

    I was a Barber Motorsports Park for the MotoAmerica races last month and noticed a few of the racers were using them as pit bikes. Asked one of the guys what he thought about it, he said it was a blast to ride. I've wanted one every since.
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    Is the NC700X a touring bike?

    We trailered over to watch the Daytona 200 last year in our toyhauler. We stayed in St Augustine and took the NC down to Daytona. It was really the first time other than seeing how we fit on it to ride for any distance, about 40-50 miles I think, figured it would be a piece of cake with her...
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    Is the NC700X a touring bike?

    My wife has been with me to Illinois and back on my ST1300 but can't make 50 miles on my NC
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    Red Bull Indianapolis GP

    The wife and I flew up there around 4 yrs. ago and watched them. It was the last year they ran the 800cc big bikes. Pedrosa won. We also went over and watched the Flattrackers do the mile and the Endurocross the same weekend. We had a great time. There was something about being there at Indy...
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    Long time member FINALLY gets his new NC700X!!!!

    Welcome from H-town. I've had 30+ motorcycles since '66, 4 now but the NC could possibly be the last one I hold on to simply because it is the lightest and most practical for my later years. And yea, that frunk!
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    Went for a ride today, a long 100 ft journey

    You got that right
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    anybody mounted analog thermometer on handlebar?

    I bought a cheap digital one from Walmart for a trip last year on my Concours. It was like $5 or $6. One of those with the suction cup. I stuck it on the tank of my Connie and it stayed there from Houston to Minnesota and Michigan and back. It was mainly accurate from the take off in the...
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    Did Not Think the Day Would Come

    Or has a larger bike along with an NC in the stable