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    Wrong Oil

    I purchased my 2020 NC750X DCT last month. Since the beginning it felt like there was a bit of a chattering when I accelerate. This is especially noticeable when the tranny and engine are working hard as when I accelerate up a hill. Since I do not really have a frame of reference, at first I...
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    Extended Warranty or No Extended Warranty, that is the question.

    I took the plunge. Put down a deposit on a new 2020 NC750x DCT. Just waiting for the SW-Motech crash bars to come in to the dealer so he can install before pick up. Got a good deal on the bike and excited that I will finally have her. Now the big question. Do I go with the extended warranty...
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    Negative comments from others about DCT

    I am getting only negative comments from other riders and non-riders about my wish to get a DCT bike. They do not ride a DCT bike and have never ridden one. They know what they know and unfortunately are unwilling to expand their knowledge. I do not like shifting. Although I am getting better at...
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    How are women finding the 750x?

    I am 5'10" with approximately 33" inseam. I have sat on a 750x and my feet are flat on the ground with my knees slightly bent. I can sit completely upright with holding the grips, arms extended with slight bend at elbows. The bike feels right for me. No pressure on my back or arms. Having said...
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    NC750x vs NC750s

    I am wondering what the differences are between the 750x and 750s. I have Googled and searched this forum but cannot find a clear answer.
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    Considering Upgrading from Honda CBR300R

    Up to now I have been riding a Honda CBR300R. A good bike to learn on. In my non-bike life, I drive an automatic transmission car. The 750x DCT has caught my eye. I am 5'10" and the height and balance of the bike seems comfortable to sit on. I am not a fan of constantly changing gears and would...