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  1. Hank

    Shoei Neotec II

    I am on a trip, 420 miles yesterday and 350 today (on my Wing.) The new helmet is comfortable and flows air about the same. One big positive: The optical quality of the shield is far superior to the first Neotec. One big negative: It uses a ratchet system on the strap. If I cinch it...
  2. Hank

    Super cross 2019 underway

    Nbcsports, new channel. Rainy track.
  3. Hank

    Hare scramble fx1

    Amazing riding.
  4. Hank

    Spavinaw to Salina, eastern Oklahoma

    The Oklahoma hills east of Tulsa. NIce rides # 4 Spavinaw to Salina, Oklahoma - YouTube
  5. Hank

    Riding the nc700 after a goldwing

    I bought a new Goldwing Friday. I plan to keep the NC700, as it is perfect for exploring back roads and trips to the store. After riding the Goldwing I still think the NC is an amazing bike for the price. Reliable, plenty of reasonable power, and I think it is a good looking bike. I am...
  6. Hank

    Cannot stop buying jackets.

    I have only been riding as an adult for three years. (Typical moderate dirt bike use as youth.) But I already have several jackets. 1. Olympia mesh. Plain but functional, lots of good design touches. 2. Hitair airbag mesh, silver. Works ok, no airbag system is ever going to be as...
  7. Hank

    No more pilot road 4 for the NC.

    The 4 has been discontinued in our size, 160/60, 17. I like the pilot, which is so much stickier than the stock ones and better in the rain. I decided to order a pilot road 5. It is ten dollars more and seems to have wider and shorter grooves, with better rain management in the center and...
  8. Hank

    Lane scare from passing car

    I was on a four lane divided highway today. Not much traffic. A beat up car was passing me. I looked over and could see the driver was distracted, though I am not sure what the distraction was. At any rate he started to move over into my lane while next to me, no signal. I do not know...
  9. Hank

    Supercross 2018

    New year, new thread. Can Roczen recover? I feel like this might be Musquin’s year, but he is not riding great tonight. I like the rules changes, especially dumping the semifinals and having three of the “special” races.
  10. Hank

    Added Hotwired harness and sw Motech pegs

    Each job took about an hour or two. I am a slow worker. I posted these in the “what did you do....” thread but it occurred to me some might just look here.
  11. Hank

    Heated gear capacity

    I am not very smart about electricity. As I understand it, the NC has about 25 amps of excess power. I am not sure if this is at a certain rpm. Currently I have Denali D 2 lights, 1.5 amps per pair, and OEM heated grips, 3 amps. Hot wired Gear is lower powered than some of the Gerbing...
  12. Hank

    Terrifying crash.

    Deleted. Not interested in irritating people.
  13. Hank

    Pondering a bigger bike

    My NC actually is plenty of bike for me, but the purpose of riding is pleasure, so rationality is not that important. Bikes I like: Indian Springfield. So comfortable and powerful! Handles very well for such a heavy bike. HD Heritage Classic. Upgraded in every way. Looks great...
  14. Hank

    Tomorrow 9/13 four states

    It looks like a perfect day. I may ride up to Carthage, Missouri about noon to see if any leaves have started changing.
  15. Hank

    Charity ride in Joplin Saturday

    Ride for Hope I rode this last year. Well organized and no alcohol. Benefits a children's charity in Guatemala.
  16. Hank

    Test rode a Zero

    It was the "sport" model, the SR, but the adv version is just different tires and shocks. Awesome torque! It is hard to put in words how fast this thing accelerates. It also feels a little weird to be on something going so fast that is so quiet. You can really hear everything around...
  17. Hank

    Thread for technique tips and discussion.

    FezUSA asked some questions about video. Here are my basics. I am a beginner. My YouTube channel is under Oklahoma Hank. 1. Music I use bensound music, most of which is free if you give credit. I put a credit in the YouTube description and another in the video itself. Some big...
  18. Hank

    "Convertible" v. "Adjustable" sw Motech pegs

    SW makes two footpegs for the NC. One is thirty dollars more, though both are expensive. I cannot tell much difference. It seems like the cheaper one allows you to take the rubber off, but they both seem splined and adjustable. That the cheaper one has more options seems backwards...
  19. Hank

    Old Scenic highway, near Neosho Missouri

    I actually rode this on my Suzuki drz 400, but I figured no one would mind. Nice Rides # 7, Old Scenic Highway, Neosho, Missouri - YouTube