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  1. HarveyM

    Man I miss not having a tank bag

    I used an 1/4" piece of plywood held in a Ram x-grip on the handlebars for a while to hold my printed directions. Worked pretty well.
  2. HarveyM


    Had a Vespa 250 GTS that did everything I wanted (for one) except pack enough gear for camping trips; including doing a 1,000 miles in a long weekend.
  3. HarveyM

    Stalling issue

    Bob S. Time to find a third dealer. :( As somebody once said third time's a charm.
  4. HarveyM

    [REVIEW] 2017 Zero DSR – 600 Miles of Electric Fun

    Thought you would be interested in this- a DSR trying the TAT (Trans America Trail) ride report!
  5. HarveyM

    Question Phone mounts

    If your cell phone has an image stabilized camera you really need to get an anti-vibration mount so you don't break the camera. You might be happier getting a bluetooth speaker/earbuds for your helmet & keeping your phone in your pocket.
  6. HarveyM

    Ho to install the Europe map on my GPS?

    Search for Open Street maps for garmin. They're available free from several sources (see here Put it on your sd card. For the Zumo 660 calling the map gmapsupp.img works (check there's isn't one already!) Then go into settings...
  7. HarveyM

    Eliminate the rev limiter?

    But, but Honda gave you an extra 900 rpm in 2018 & you're still hitting the rev limiter?
  8. HarveyM

    Garmin Drive vs Zumo

    Bought an XT and installed it this week, so here’s my early impression Main Advantages: -Bright, Big sun readable screen. -Can link to your cell phone for traffic info (suggests alternate routing), & weather map (currently animated weather map only available when stopped). -Can plan trips on...
  9. HarveyM

    It was time to add something different to the fleet

    Robert Pirsig's longest day in the Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance trip from Minneapolis MN to San Francisco CA, was 343 miles. Done mainly on secondary roads. You wouldn't need to do over 12 hours riding & charging ( 2 long days) on a DSR with charge tank (by my figuring) to match...
  10. HarveyM

    Garmin Drive vs Zumo

    You can get OSM (Open street maps) for the Zumo for free (just google it). I find they're generally more detailed than what Garmin provides.
  11. HarveyM

    Garmin Drive vs Zumo

    I have both a Zumo 660 and a Kyocera Duraforce cell phone I've used on the bike. The Duraforce is fairly good, rugged, & waterproof, but I found the gps app I used (osmand+) has a too small/crowded interface to use on the fly. Used/refurbed models go for about $130 on amazon. A locked one...
  12. HarveyM

    Nc700d dash out, replaced, no start

    Contact Honda UK and ask for a PDF version. Free.
  13. HarveyM

    Honda SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!

    Maybe "my stupid sister's kid needs a job, now where can I put him where he'll do the least damage"?
  14. HarveyM

    Question Double-checking dealer prep?

    As others have written, if you have concerns check it on the lot. But my first question is why you bought from them in the first place? I went to a less convenient dealer rather than buying from one whose service dept under performed (they refused to make minor repairs because they couldn't be...
  15. HarveyM

    Treating Metal Parts with a Rust Inhibitor?

    It's pretty common with British riders who ride year round, and folks doing the Alaska highway. Here's some quotes from a guy who did Alaska at least three times, tewster2 (check out his youtube vids of them): " construction areas where the ADOT spreads millions of gallons of water and calcium...
  16. HarveyM

    Engine Temp

    Fred- here's a $3 radiator cap temperature gauge that will fit. Ask for the 1.1 bar version.
  17. HarveyM

    Question Motorcycle Branded Clothing- An Ethical Dilemma

    I only wear Yamaha branded clothing while riding. I want to keep Honda on it's toes....
  18. HarveyM

    2020 & 2021 NC750x side by side

    Vince Mastin posted this on the NC750x facebook group & was kind enough to let me repost it here. Enjoy!
  19. HarveyM

    Is a front fender extender worth it?

    I put an extender & radiator guard on mine once I read the story here of a young guy picking up a stone on the highway & kicking into the radiator of his new, under warranty NC. It cost him over $500 to replace at the dealer's after the warranty claim was denied. A quick look at Babbitts online...