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  1. HarveyM

    2020 & 2021 NC750x side by side

    Vince Mastin posted this on the NC750x facebook group & was kind enough to let me repost it here. Enjoy!
  2. HarveyM

    Lightened NC’s?

    Checking out a NC750x facebook group & one member suggested he got his NC down to 420 lbs. “Aluminum Bars, swing arm and pegs, plus losing the stock exhaust and a lithium ion battery removed about thirty pounds.” The swing arm would be off the European Integra scooter...
  3. HarveyM

    NC based Africa twin reported

    MCN is reporting on an 790cc Africa twin using a bumped up NC based motor. They’re also saying there’ll be two new NC models introduced!
  4. HarveyM

    Cutting board pillion rack

    Someone asked about my pillion rack so here’s a little write up: I started off with an 17-1/2" x 13”, 1/4” thick Epicurean cutting board which a wood fibre/resin composite (originally intended for skateboard ramps), removed the pillion pad, centred it on the cutting board and traced the rear...
  5. HarveyM

    Fall in Algonqiun & Emily Ontario Provincial Parks

    Last week I went on my annual Algonquin Park trip on the NC750x, spending two days in the park then heading south to Emily Provincial Park near Peterborough for a couple days. Here’s my trip notes Thurs, Sept. 27 - Day 1 Gassed up the bike & a 1 litre MSR bottle at a local station. I was...
  6. HarveyM

    PSA: Maybe it's time to wash your riding gear? Cleaning greasy riding gear.

    My riding gear is grey; they show grease & dirt stains wonderfully. I’ve washed my Oylmpia riding pants a couple times without making them noticeably cleaner. That grease and road grime was ground in. Then my newish Helite Adventure jacket developed an oil stain. Hunting for grease removers I...
  7. HarveyM

    WTB: Front Seat Foam

    Looking for a (cheap) front seat foam to carve up for comfort mods (I hope). I’m too chicken to try it without a backup, so if you’ve got one let me know. Shipping would be to Canada (or if you prefer to a US shipping address in the spring...)
  8. HarveyM

    A trial run to Algonquin Provincial Park

    My campsite at Algonquin provincial park this week. The trip was from Ottawa to the park on day one, camp overnight, then out of the western gate on day two and riding south to Peterborough, and back to Ottawa on day three. The foreground is an Eureka VCS tarp & screen room. Behind a MEC...
  9. HarveyM

    Has the Internet Made You Cluelessly Modify Your Motorcycle For The Worst?

    There's an interesting interview with a retired Honda Canada engineer on Adventure rider radio- He says (I'm paraphrasing) that the factory spends years optimizing their models (suspension, tires, performance & weight) and chances are anything the rider does to change their bike is going to...
  10. HarveyM

    Honda USA Trademarks NC750x !!

    Honda USA filed a trademark application for NC750x June 10th this year. What it means I'm not sure, but you US riders can have some hope!
  11. HarveyM

    Givi V35 Panniers on the 2016 models

    I ordered the Givi V35 panniers, Givi-PLX1111 racks and GIVI 1111KIT adaptor plates for my 2016 NC750x. Once I tried fitting them I realized the adaptor plates aren’t long enough to clear the rear plastics! Supertux1 had the same problem fitting his Givi Trekkers here-...
  12. HarveyM

    Electronic owner’s manual (PDF version)

    When I travel for a couple days I usually bring an iPad with me. Even on the Vespa I’d bring it. Then I realized I could download the Vespa manuals to it and use it on the road. Since my iPad is in an otterbox, I could even wash my greasy handprints off it (unlike my paper service manual). I...
  13. HarveyM

    Ontario NC750x DCT Pricing ?

    Hi All- I'm toying with the idea of buying the DCT version and wondering if anyone has found any dealer wiggle room on the pricing. Honda Canada gives the Ontario net price (fees but not taxes) at $10,604. This would be a trade up from my 2007 Vespa 250 with 35k on it. Due to carpel...