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    braided break line question

    Hoping to get some insight from anyone with an NC who's replaced the stock front break line with a braided line. This would be mainly for improved (faster) emergency breaking. My local shop mechanic made the suggestion, but it would be good to know what issues and performance improvements to...
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    Mystery Windshield Mounting

    I was recently shopping on Amazon for bike parts and stumbled across a very interesting looking windshield mounting system. One guy with an NC posted a picture of his newly installed engine guards, but I was more intregiued with his windshield mounting. I'm hoping someone on the Forum can...
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    Need Help DCT Transmission Question

    Hoping someone with an older DCT model can respond to this..... I have a 2013 DCT, which I've owned for over a year. Since day one I've always kept the bike in "S" mode which seems to keep the proper gear and provide more power when needed. Today I decide to play with the "D" mode and see how...
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    Auxiliary Light Location Help....please

    I'm purchasing a couple 2", 10watt LED lights to enhance daytime conspicuousness and nighttime visibility. I've come up with two possible mounting locations without needing to buy a light bar or engine guards. Option #1- Mounting the lights to the bolts holding the front fender. This...
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    FOR SALE: Sargent Perfomance Plus Seat

    Seat has had very little use and is in like new condition. Great addition to your NC! Size wise I think it's ideal for a medium-large rider based on butt width. :) Manufacturer's Item #: WS-632F-18 Front Seat Only, Honda NC 700X/750 X 2012+ Regular Height Black CarbonFX insert Metallic Silver...