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    2015 NC700X 18k miles $2,999 Firm. Richmond, mi.

    I bought new in 2017, rode it just over 17k miles in 2 seasons, loved every second of it, but I upgraded to an Africa Twin and it just sits now. It's in good shape with minor scratches and blemishes. Tires are at the end of their life, but have some left in them. Price is firm, no wiggle room...
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    WTB Cheap rear tires with some life left.

    I am selling my bike, and my tires are pretty shot. Don't want to drop coin on new tires, hoping i can get a pair of factory tires with a couple thousand miles for cheap.
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    Danmoto slip on, off road lights w/mounts, rad guard, givi e22n side cases

    Prices include shipping to contig 48 states, prices obo danmoto slip on muffler -decent shape, some imperfections- $75 rough country 2" lights w/ crash bar mounts- a little rough, but still look pretty good - $75 radiator guard - decent shape, paid $30 add on item only, will not ship...
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    Hepko becker skid plate, oem center stand, givi crash bars, mmoto monokey rack

    Hepko becker skid plate, oem center stand, givi crash bars, monokey rack lower prices Prices include shipping to contig 48 states, prices obo Only think left is Givi crash bars - bike was never down on anything but soft surfaces, light scratches --($150 new) $120
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    OEM honda center stand

    Condensed for less posts
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    Will Corbin Seat and Dale's rack from 15 700X for 18 750X?

    Have a guy on here interested in buying mine. I will try and do more research when I can get to a computer tomorrow. But I'd you guys can answer it would be much easier :) So basically I have a Corbin seat and Dale's rack off my 2015 NC700X, and possible buyer has a 18 NC750X.
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    Givi E22N Side Bags, Soupy's Adjustable Lowering kit

    Givi E22N Side Bags condensed into less posts
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    Storm Bark Busters, Givi Crash Bars, Madstad 18" winshield system, Mmoto welded rack.

    Storm Bark Busters, Givi Crash Bars, Mad, Mmoto welded rack. Condensed for less posts
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    SWMotech Pegs, Hepco skid plate, Corbin seat, modified Dales seat with fuel opening

    Hepco skid plate, Corbin seat, modified Dales seat with fuel opening Condensed for less posts
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    Rear seat prop rod bracket pictures.

    I took off my rear rack, and I am trying put the original rear grab bars back on and I am having trouble figuring out how the little bracket that the prop rod slides in goes back on. The way that makes sense to me wont clear on the back side of the grab bar. If someone could snap a few close...
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    Well used duct taped Corbin seat

    Well used duct taped Corbin seat SOLD Bought it used, ran it for the last 12k miles, rear seat rack wore into seat, it's been duct taped for this whole season. Very comfortable, I've done an Iron butt on it and my butt wasn't all that sore after. $85 shipped to the 48, $25 local.
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    SS1K Iron Butt

    Left at about 6:30am yesterday and made it back at around 2am today. odometer showed just under 1040 miles traveled. I wasn't the only NC700x, never did take a picture of the other one. The start The end The ride map
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    2019 Honda Monkey coming to USA?

    I might have to buy one if its true. Yesssh! The Honda Monkey Is Coming to the USA - Asphalt & Rubber 2019 Honda Monkey - First Look Review - YouTube
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    Rear shock squeak?

    Bike has done it since new, squeaks when i compress the rear shock. Is there a grease fitting i can grease, or something I can take apart and grease to make the squeak go away?
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    Edited title doesn't show up until you click on thread?

    I have never experienced this on other forums. First time was what I changed a price in the title on a for sale thread, and this time I changed the word monkey to monokey in a title.
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    Monkey plate to mount by soft bags to side monkey rack.

    Monokey plate to mount by soft bags to side monokey rack. I have hard bags for commuting. But would like to find a plate that would hook to my monokey rack that I could mount my soft bags to. Basically I want monokey soft bags,. But don't want to spend $300.
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    Spraying aerosol. How long is garage unsafe?

    I used aerosol truck be coating to paint my modified Dale's rack. I used a respirator. Ac unit blowing fresh air in, and another window open. Wondering if anyone knows how long the bad stuff stays in the air. Last time I wore no respirator and stayed in the garage after and had a multi day...
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    SW MOTECH GPT.01.699.15000.B Aluminum rear rack $160 shipped

    SW MOTECH Aluminum rear rack sold I can't remember what I paid, but can't find them for under $205 shipped new. On for one season, small flaw from when I was drilling trunk to attach to it. Paypal only. I liked it, but went with a full rack that I can put side bags on. GPT.01.151.15001/B...
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    Adjustable lowering links. How long do I want them for 1" lower?

    Does making them longer than stock or shorter than stock lower the bike? Is there a ratio? like .5" longer = 1" lowered, or raised. etc etc.