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    Flat front tire questions

    No, but the chances of a professional screwing it up vs someone who has never patched a tire before is significantly lower.
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    Flat front tire questions

    Some suggestions I have, if you have a center stand I would forego the jack. Aside from pulling the front forks, you can take both tires off with it on the center stand. Just put some wood blocks under the forks when the front tire is off. For anything else there are ways to do it with just the...
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    Tyre mileage on nc750

    I got about 4500 US miles out of my stock ones. Could have probably gotten 5000 but it was starting to slowly lose air from a plug I put in the rear I didn't really like them. I have almost 8000 on my current Shinko 009's with plenty of tread left to go. Might try Road 5's next just...
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    1st thousand in the books

    I don't know about the 2021, but the 2020 has a setting where it will automatically reset Trip A after filling up with gas and driving a few tenths of a mile. Are you sure that setting isn't turned on? I honestly don't pay enough attention to it to know how reliable it is at resetting or if...
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    Honda SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!

    Is the oil filter something that is put on at the factory though, or is that part of assembly by the dealers when they get the bike? They don't ship them with fluids so I wouldn't necessarily be surprised if they didn't bother putting the oil filter on, but I don't actually know that for sure...
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    What oil do you use

    Back when I was a teenager everyone I knew used regular car oil in their dirt bikes and ATV's because it was easy to find and typically what they already had with no ill effect. Not to mention cheaper. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it now as that was 20 years ago and they most likely put...
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    Freeway speeds

    I just want to point out that posted speed limits on highways in a lot of the US doesn't mean anything. You either keep up with traffic or you get run over...and that can typically mean going upwards of 20 mph over the speed limit. The posted speed limit on I-264/64 here in Hampton Roads is 55...
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    Packing Efficiently….

    Got it...after I asked the question I thought that might be your answer. We would do the same thing in Afghanistan out of sheer laziness of not wanting to walk to the head hahahaha.
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    Packing Efficiently….

    I am curious as to why you pack a pee bottle? If you are in a place that affords enough privacy to pee in a bottle, why not just pee on the ground?
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    3D printing and your frunk

    I haven't 3D printed anything for the frunk, mostly because I only really use it to hold my rain gear and not much else except maybe groceries and a 12 pack, none of which would benefit from any sort of 3D printed organizer. But I did 3D print an ID holder that is velcro'd between the windshield...
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    The case of the missing clutch lever freeplay

    Guys that raced 125cc 2 strokes would typically need to replace the clutches at least once a season, if not more, due to the need to constantly ride the clutch in corners to get any power out of the bike.
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    My playground made me miss living in PA. Instead, I am stuck here in crappy SE VA where the only hills are over high rise bridges and the only curves are the on and off ramps of the highways...unless you count having to swerve to keep from getting run over on the highways. Six years can't go by...
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    Where to buy new chain and sprocket

    Your correct, but in relation to how much my purchase cost me, not as a he should or shouldn't buy one also.
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    Where to buy new chain and sprocket

    I didn't ask a question and I have broken a chain with that tool...with zero issues.
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    Where to buy new chain and sprocket

    Considering the original topic is about where to buy a chain and sprockets and not how one method of chain removal may, or may not, be better than is irrelevant.
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    Where to buy new chain and sprocket

    1. I don't have a grinder...and I suspect most people don't. 2. An angle grinder won't rivet the new chain on. But good job on making an irrelevant comment.
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    Question Motorcycles and UFO's

    As of 15 - 20 yrs ago you didn't need a pilots license to fly one either....that may have changed since then though.
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    Where to buy new chain and sprocket

    If you are in the US, is where I got mine. I spent just over $230 for a chain, two sprockets, and DID chain break tool. The tool itself was $100 so the chain and sprockets were about $130.
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    Inexpensive slip on that is not junk, does it exist?

    Which size exhaust is that? The 14" one?
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    Early morning dewy road commuter tire suggestion?

    I have heard those No-Mar stations work great....once you figure out the proper technique on how to use them hahaha.