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    Can you ride better?

    Amazing Bike Riding Robot! Can Cycle, Balance, Steer, and Correct Itself. #DigInfo - YouTube

    2018 Goldwing DCT

    The day is near: DCT on the 2018 Goldwing among other features I'm keeping fingers crossed. Update: Detailed Review and Specs 2018 GW Available OEM Accessories- more than 50 available: Introducing the 2018 Gold Wing Accessories - YouTube

    August, 2017 TAT on the Africa Twin

    I am riding out to CO,UT,OR via the TAT, starting in August, 2017. Then go north from Port Orford, OR to Seattle, WA. This trip starts in August and ends when I arrive in Seattle by mid/late September. I am undecided how to return to Atlanta, GA. Any suggestions on a return trip, would be...

    2017 Hillbilly Hangout Ride Take2

    Note: a few double yellow lines have been crossed in making of this vid. Also, committed the crime of playing with my app while riding. I'm no professional on a closed course, but the scenery and the ride is among some of the best.

    My first DS Ride on the NC

    Everglades NP Camping trip

    2UP from Pensacola to Navarre Beach

    Going thru my video archives, salvaged some footage.

    March Moto Madness 2017

    March Moto Madness 2017 Registration is open. Hope to see some of you there.

    zip file test

    Other than the basic media file types, different file types in .zip or .rar can be attached This is currently size limited to 97kb or less.
  10. DCTFAN

    Watch "2016 HU at the Ironhorse"

    Watch "2016 HU at the Ironhorse" 670cc and DCTFAN visit the IH, day one of HU meet. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  11. DCTFAN

    High tech riding aids

    I've been riding the new AT DCT with traction control adjustable in three levels. I know the technology and how it works, but don't find it very useful so far. I've cut my teeth using DCT and learning throttle control to take riding to my limits and achieved a good sense of control in various...
  12. DCTFAN


    Anyone planning on riding the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) this fall? Never been on 2wheels. Would be great to have some company. All the way or partial doesn't matter. Let's hear some thoughts, suggestions, where to stay etc.
  13. DCTFAN


    Trying out a new to me online, Ride Planning app: "REVER" (aka REV REV) Part 1of3 of a popular ( ADV route SM500 (Smokey Mountain 500) Hope to ride part 2 over to Telico Plains, TN while camping at KSL (KickStandLodge) in Stecoah Then, finish the third part of the SM500 loop...
  14. DCTFAN

    N.GA NCX_travaganza Meetup- TBD

    Two Wheels of Suches, GA Meetup When: August 13, 2016 Time: 10:30 AM What: Annual Gear Swap at TWoS Ride: The GA Gauntlet 10:30A is when we should head north to cooler temps, if you want to browse the flea mkt, come early. X-X-XX-X-XX-X-XX-X-XX-X-XX-X-XX-X-XX-X-XX-X-XX-X-XX-X-X old post...
  15. DCTFAN

    Georgia Mountain Rally - April 29th/May 1st

    See you there.
  16. DCTFAN

    March Moto Madness- Tellico Plains

    2016 March Moto Madness- Tellico Plains Anyone going? Have any past experience with this group? Event Date:03-31-16 - 04-03-16 Event Time: Location:Mickey's Place 801 Steer Creek Rd. Tellico Plains, TN 37385 UNITED STATES
  17. DCTFAN

    Stopping DCT equipped engine

    Owner's manual p39 I can't figure out why the text includes the above tidbit?? Is this good or bad? DCT owners, how do you turn off the engine? PS. I also want to know, why the parking brake is necessary on the DCT? When shutting off, why can't the DCT remain in gear with clutch...
  18. DCTFAN

    Buy now or wait

    I am trying to spend some money on my "DESTINY"(my NC700X) and spoil her, but I am cheap. Should I wait until Black Friday? Anyone have any BF shopping advice for NC parts&accessories? Anyone remember sites like RZilla having a BF sale?
  19. DCTFAN

    2015 NC700XD in Alpharetta, GA

    Hello, Owner of a new 2015 NC700XD. I am a nube who started riding MC with the CTX700/DCT, and now riding the NC and loving it. MSF course was passed with clutch, but after riding with DCT could not go back. The main reason I chose the NC is to ride some trails and maybe train myself on it...