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  1. Griff

    Question What has improved with DCT model years ?

    My 750 is a 2017 Euro model (X-Adv). My DCT works well most of the time except for jerkiness with 1st gear at ultra low speeds where first gear engages occasionally. My question for those in the know. What has improved about DCT from 2017 on ? I plan to keep my X-Adv long term, and am...
  2. Griff

    Information Latest Millyard creation.......

    Latest (that I am aware of) from Alan Millyard. He seems to be going now in the opposite direction from the usual multi cylinder offerings.
  3. Griff

    Something to ponder

    Something to ponder in these troubling times.........
  4. Griff

    Who needs an Africa Twin

    Have a look at this........ YouTube A friend of mine has just purchased the little CB and the fettling has started. This guy is a former Enduro National Champion in this country but is now in his early fifties. He is very short at about 5' tall but that has never held him back no matter...
  5. Griff

    Rumoured 650 Single

    I am hearing rumours here in Ireland of Honda testing a possible new model 650 single. One source told me that it was being tested as an XR and the other suggested it was being tested as an SL. I had up to now thought that due to emissions regs especially in Europe, that the big single was...
  6. Griff

    High mileage NC on big tour

    I came across this long distance rider on a UK mag. Its another good recommendation for the NC series of course. – I'm visiting each place in the song "I've Been Everywhere". This is my story.
  7. Griff

    Suspension too hard on modern motorcycles.

    This has been my experience. I am finding it particularly as I get older and my lower back gets more tender. It could be said that this is the only reason I am saying this but I am also beginning to see mutterings of a similar nature on magazines here and there. My first inkling of this issue...
  8. Griff

    Are You a Honda person ?

    Well I am beginning to think I am. Of the four current bikes in my shed, three are Hondas. I am not starting this thread specifically to get folks to list bikes they have owned because that has been done elsewhere. The pic of the Honda 550/500 four posted this morning got me thinking on this...
  9. Griff

    Sena SC10u problem with wind noise.

    I recently purchased two Schuberth E1 helmets for my Wife and myself. I also fitted them with SC10U units for Intercom and GPS purposes. They work fine with the GPS but the intercom is a disaster. The main issue is the Mic's picking up background wind noise from the vents in the front of the...
  10. Griff

    DCT abrupt gear change especially 2nd to 1st

    The heading says it all. I rarely am in heavy traffic with my 2017 NC750 DCT (installed in an X-Adv). However when I am in snail traffic I find this gearchange (2nd to 1st) jerky and abrupt sometimes. When out in open roads this of course is not an issue except if I have to change down from 2nd...
  11. Griff

    What is the best bike you have ever owned ?

    There are conditions to this question. By "best Bike" I mean a great all rounder. A bike that You went long distance touring on with or without pillion and luggage. A bike that you went trail riding on and not just on hardpack trails. A bike that You went scratching on with your mates. In short...
  12. Griff

    Various pics from time to time

    I was off out yesterday on my 250. The day was in sharp contrast to an outing in the snow last week. Yesterday It was a balmy 10C. The pic was taken on my way home after a trip out in the hills. I will occasionally post similar pics on here from time to time and hopefully others will also. Mine...
  13. Griff

    A question for DCT owners

    I am now a DCT newbie. I rarely commute nowadays but on the couple of times that I have been to the city recently a question occurred to me. Should I shift the transmission into neutral when stopped at traffic lights ? It seems perfectly happy to tickover in gear with no drag, but I do not see...
  14. Griff

    YSS Shock Absorbers

    Has anyone ever used YSS shock absorbers on their NC's or indeed on any motorcycles ? Any opinions on them ?
  15. Griff

    Some feedback please

    This is unrelated to the NC but is Honda focussed. I recently parted with my KTM690 Enduro, a bike I used for trail riding since new in 2010. Truth be known, it was never as good as the DRZ400S that I parted with in the trade, and I have regretted parting with DRZ ever since. I have been...
  16. Griff

    Selling my Wilbers 641

    As I am about to part with my NC for an Africa Twin, I am selling my Wilbers 641. There is also a ride height adjuster attached to this unit and it cost me €768.00 new, including that unit. It is still almost new. I am aiming this post mostly at UK and Ireland members as the cost of...
  17. Griff

    ABS or Non ABS ?

    I have just found out that I cannot get an ABS Africa Twin until December or January because of the Earthquake in Japan. The option is to go for a non ABS bike which is available. I have two bikes with ABS and one currently without. My 690KTM also did not have it but it is gone now...
  18. Griff

    Phases and Change

    In many aspects of my life I have been averse to change. However, when it comes to motorcycling I tend to be able to buck that trend and I often embrace change. Right now I am in the middle of a period of change. Needless to say it has a lot to do with my age (65) and my changing frame of...
  19. Griff

    Andreani Cartridges - A Warning

    I have purchased Andreani Cartridges for my NC X. Currently I am having serious problems getting them to function properly (long story). They were fitted professionally, and as such the Technician is trying to sort them out. However my warning to NCX owners relates to the loss of approximately...
  20. Griff

    The importance of Underwear

    Very important of course.......