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  1. Brillot2000

    What mtorcycle did you use for your driving test?

    1982 Kawasaki GPZ550 This one is much better condition than mine was in.
  2. Brillot2000

    Replacement Battery

    That's pretty much how mine went out on me. It was 4 years old and left me stranded at the gas station. AAA will not jumpstart a motorcycle. A portable jump starter is something that you might want to consider carrying in your bag of tricks with you regularly. I am also considering it for...
  3. Brillot2000

    Barkbusters Storm Installation - no need to remove internal weights

    The problem is that the insert weight is spinning around inside the handlebar tube. The use of an impact driver, pneumatic or otherwise is going to be your only option in getting this screw out.
  4. Brillot2000

    2018: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    I guess some people did not or do not remember your last big April Fool's Stunt from several years ago.
  5. Brillot2000

    To Ring or not to Ring (O/X ring chains)

    I have been riding and maintaining motorcycles for over 30 years now. I noticed over the years that even a good quality chain without o-rings such as a DID would stretch fairly quick and would require more maintenance such as lubing and cleaning. O-ring chains require far less maintenance...
  6. Brillot2000

    Has anyone used a JT chain?? Not sprockets, but chain?

    Do not feel bad. I ordered one and installed it on my bike too. I will have to keep a close watch on it and log my adjustments and then the final mileage I was able to get out of it. The price of the chain made it too hard to past up.
  7. Brillot2000

    2018 Goldwing...up close and personal!

    A recently retired friend that used to work at American Honda in Torrance commented that these younger engineers rely heavily on upon 3D simulations on new designs. Quite honestly these software packages are not 100% dead on every time. In a simulaion a pinch clamp used to hold a critical...
  8. Brillot2000

    Mounting help for mini LED light bar

    Placing a light above the front fender is not a good idea. During hard braking, it will slam into the fender. I would recommend a lightbar of some sort and then mounting the lights to the sides of the front wheel.
  9. Brillot2000

    2018 Goldwing...up close and personal!

    The front suspension is a totally new design based off nothing else like it. A threaded end cap for the steering head to load the bearings properly would have been a "No Brainer" to me and the most appropriate method to use. Instead from what I saw in another video by Max McAllister clearly...
  10. Brillot2000

    2018 Goldwing...up close and personal!

    Not good, not good at all. First production release models are basically "Beta Testing Units" and are sold to the public for real-world testing. Companies find it cheaper and as cost savings to send out units into the field instead of doing all the intensive in-house testing before releasing a...
  11. Brillot2000

    NC700X New Owner?

    If you could ride the XT350, you will not have an issues riding an NC700X. The price checks out with Nada Guides in your area, you should go pick it up. One thing about the NC700X, the engine's redline is at about 6,500 RPM. The rev limiter will come on if you exceed that. When it does...
  12. Brillot2000

    put a nx700x in honda ridgeline 2017 bed

    I have a 2008 RAM 2500 Quad Cab with a short bed. I have to load the bike diagonally then strap it down to be able to shut the tailgate. I am pretty sure your bed is shorter than 6' 4" and you will have to leave the tailgate down. The specs for the length of the bed on your truck online...
  13. Brillot2000

    2018 Goldwing DCT

    Good job on taming that pony. I got to ride the prototype out in the Mojave Desert almost 3 years ago. That bike looks a lot better and better refined than the one I got to ride. Did you get a chance to try out the "Walk Mode"? I could not help from noticing that the front-running...
  14. Brillot2000

    Tire question

    Regarding your tire question: The Avon that you called out is more of a street tire. I would recommend that you up the stock size of 160/60ZR-17, which is available. A Word Of Caution: The speed is indicated off the countershaft of these bikes. Changing tire sizes or the number of teeth on...
  15. Brillot2000

    Old fart/new bike

    Congrats on the new bike to you. You will love the DCT coming from a scooter. I personally prefer S-Mode for most of my riding. Beware that D-Mode tends to want to shift into 6th gear at about 40 MPH under normal driving conditions and then the bike is sluggish to respond to the throttle.
  16. Brillot2000

    Just a minor dilemma...

    Well, DCT is like New Coke when it came out. There were some that liked it and even more that did not. If feathering the clutch is your definition of more control, then DCT is not for you. I would then say you should go get the manual version and get it a try. If that doesn't fit your...
  17. Brillot2000

    Just a minor dilemma...

    The DCT is not that difficult to get used to, it will take a little time to do so. My other two bikes are standard trans and I do not have any issues switching between any of them. What mode are you riding the bike in? I personally only use D-Mode when moving the bike short distances...
  18. Brillot2000

    Harley Closing KC plant

    The hard fact is that companies do not care how they affect people or the communities surrounding them. Its all about protecting the company and its interest. Either closing or moving a facility offshore is a shortsighted cost-saving measure. CEOs that do these things get million dollar...