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  1. jangermann

    Do crashbars protect anything

    Or is it just a place for the extra lights? Givi, Sw motech ect. Crashbars do they protect the motor and plastic from scratched if the bike is tipped over? Anyone with experince in dropping the bike? I just dont want to spend money on crashbars if they dont protect anything.
  2. jangermann

    Boosterplug now with practical experience

    Yes I know this has been up before, and now it is up again :-) I own the 750X DCT. I was a bit unhappy because in the D mode the DCT shifts to 6 gear at 63kmt, and at that speed I felt it was running uneven and not very smooth. Until now I have in the city run it in sport mode or constantly...
  3. jangermann

    Mini drone and last ride this year

    Today was my last ride this year. Put the mini drone in the frunk and shoot a small video, just for fun :-)
  4. jangermann

    Regarding DCT in S-mode: When do your NC750 DCT shift to 6 gear?? (not on 2016 model)

    Regarding DCT in S-mode: If you do a moderate (slow) acceleration, at what speed do your NC750 DCT shift to 6 gear? I don't want a debate, but would be very happy if anyone will do the test and answer my question. I fear that I have a fault in my DCT and need to know what's normal. Thanks
  5. jangermann

    My latest trip to "Harzen" in Germany

    Very nice roads in the hills.
  6. jangermann

    16.3 km/l - Beat that :-)

    Just returned after a extreme wet, lightning, hail windy and cold, 700km trip. My worst average mileage ever 16.3km/l (38.3 mpg US), beat that :rolleyes: Fuel indicator was blinking red after just 165km. I am surprised that the mileage could go that low.
  7. jangermann

    Not another wind screen tread - Making my own.

    Ok. Maybe I get wiser after this, but I have an idea I just have to test. I have seen a LOT of windscreens but it seem like most (maybe all) suffer from bluffering in high speeds. Well in speed below 110 km/t I have NO problem with the original wind screen, but at higher speed I am fighting...
  8. jangermann

    MT09 Tracer VS NC750X DTC

    Did try the MT09 Tracer at the local Yamaha dealer today. I have been looking at the Traser for some time, but this was my first time I did drive it. To make a long story short: Above 7000rpm you wake the monster, but below 7000rpm I actually was expecting more power compared to the NC750x DCT...
  9. jangermann

    DCT Motor stopped in 2 gear - What is the proper startup procedure?

    Hi. After winter storage I did drive 300 meters and the motor died. I was breaking in 2 gear and the motor did stop in second gear. The motor fail lamp was lit and I could hear a some click sound from the gearbox. I could not start it. After a while I found out the the gearbox properly was...
  10. jangermann

    Will the 2016 led headlight fit the older models?

    Any one know if the 2016 led headlight will fit the older models?
  11. jangermann

    Barkbuster handguard decals

    Hi. Just made more decals. This time I designed decals for the boring Barkbuster hand guards. I attached the design file, free of use to anyone who own a vinyl cutter and want to make there own. The attached file is in *.ai format, just change the text for 700 version :-)
  12. jangermann

    I am a member in a ATV klub but don't have a ATV

    Camera was mounted on the NC. Nice day for a ride! Cold but nice. YouTube And no, I will not buy a ATV ;-)
  13. jangermann

    Maybe I want another bike, but....

    So I go to the local dealer to look at bikes. I am thinking about getting another bike with a bit more power. I am in love with a Honda VFR 2005, I like the motor and it looks beautiful. I have made at positive/negative list, and the NC700 wins, so after a lot of thinking I will keep my NC...
  14. jangermann

    NC750X DCT shift points. Is this normal??

    Please see my video: Do your NC750X DCT behave the same way or is mine f..... up??
  15. jangermann

    6000km on the NC750X DCT and not very happy.

    6000km on the NC750X DCT and happy. Hi. I now got 6000km on my NC750X DCT. I like the bike but not the DCT gear. My problem is that in D mode it shifts up way too early, and down too late. In the city in D mode it is a pain in the a.. The S mode is ok in the city but it shift to 5 and...
  16. jangermann

    28L and 154km what is wrong here. NC750DCT

    My tripmeter A shows 153km and fuel consumption shows 28.5L. How is this possible??
  17. jangermann

    Advise on how to mount BLAZE saddle panniers on NC7xx...

    I'll let the pictures do the work :-) They fit the bike VERY nice. Just remove the rear rubber plugs and the seat can be closed.
  18. jangermann

    Remote controlled electric frunk.

    I made my frunk electric and remote controlled. The normal key also work. This is done with a cheap backdoor opener Elektrisk bagagerumsåbner - Centrallås - And a central lock controller: Styreboks+fjernbetjening t. Centrallås - Centrallås - I 3D Printed the mount for...
  19. jangermann

    NC750X DCT shifting computer

    Cant let go of the thought that It would be soooo nice if it was possible to change the program in the DCT. With gentle driving it shift to 6 gear at 65kmt, I would program it to 75kmt. Yes I know its a low rev engine and all that.... but it would still be nice ;-) Any one know how to do that?
  20. jangermann

    I got the cap :-)

    And i like it :-)