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  1. melensdad

    My student just beat a US Olympian in competition today!

    I'm a volunteer Saber Fencing coach at a couple high schools and a local fencing club. Last year I started working with a 17 year old girl, who came to America for school, from Russia. She was already an amazing young fencer. In fact better than I can train. But she trusted me. I got her a...
  2. melensdad

    MotoMachines is having a 40% off sale

    They don’t have a lot of stuff specifically for NC700/750 bikes, but if they have it and you need it it might be on sale. Stuff on sale for other brands/models too Link=> Honda motorcycle accessories at Moto Machines
  3. melensdad

    KLIM Switchback armored riding cargo(?)/work(?) pants review

    Turned 59 years old yesterday and my lovely wife gifted me a pair of KLIM Switchback riding pants. Wore the pants today for a roughly 120 mile ride. They are a casual pant design that is similar to something you'd find from Carhartt work pants with some features of cargo style pants. So...
  4. melensdad

    Honda + REVER Navigation questions

    I noticed that on the Honda Powersports website it now says that Honda has teamed up with REVER navigation. Currently I use Furkot with Scenic. REVER seems to be similar to Scenic in many ways, but I've only just begun to really play with REVER. And Scenic just made a major re-write of...
  5. melensdad

    Bikes you "lust" after but probably will never buy?

    I have 2 motorcycles on my LUST list. Likely will never buy either of them. But I do enjoy drooling. Honda's Africa Twin. But not just any version. The candy apple red DCT version that was produced in 2016? or '17? Wow. Just a beautiful bike. All the cool stuff with the AT but good...
  6. melensdad

    Klim "Switchback" armored cargo motorcycle pants?

    Anyone have a pair of the KLIM "Switchback" cargo-style motorcycle pants? Switchback Cargo Pant | KLIM Motorcycle Pant Or some similar style of casual, but protective motorcycle pants? I've got a pair of Bull-it/Oxford cargo motorcycle pants but the knee pads don't actually sit over my knees...
  7. melensdad

    Anyone ride the length of Route 66?

    Thinking of another ride. Debating on NC700X vs convertible car. But thinking Route 66 might be a fun trip. Thoughts? Experiences? Route 66 Official Site - National Route 66 Route 66: the historic route from Chicago to L.A. | ROAD TRIP USA
  8. melensdad

    Motorcycle crashes into Grizzly Bear, cyclist injured, condition of bear unknown

    It was not me. Or the lovely Mrs_Bob. We were in NY state when this happened :hammer: Link > Motorcyclist seriously injured after colliding with grizzly bear - My Cariboo Now
  9. melensdad

    Great Lakes Tour

    Not the full 6500 mile ‘Circle Tour’ but we have started a modified tour. Almost zero interstates. No chain restaurants. No chain hotels. Mostly 2 lane roads and rural highways. Started at the southern tip of Lake Michigan on Rt12 in Indiana and meandered up to St Ignace in the U.P. of...
  10. melensdad

    F/S: New GIVI side racks for Honda CB500x (PL1121CAM)

    Reasonable offers accepted. Still wrapped up in the GIVI bubble wrap I know it fits 2013 model year and similar. Givi PL1121CAM I can send photo via email or text. Dealer sent to me by mistake. I tried to return it for months. Apparently they had employee changes and finally...
  11. melensdad

    Broke my CARDO Palktalk Slim headset

    When they work they work great. I have no complaints there. The range is astounding. The clarity is amazing. But damn the Compact USB charging port ripped right out of the unit and is stuck on the end of the charging cable. WTF! This is a $200+ headset that is 1 month old and the port...
  12. melensdad

    Ural Motorcycle with a sidecar! WOW but YIKES

    I think I fell in love with a big fat pig last night :cool: I'm an Olympic style saber fencing coach and sometimes ride my NC750x to the fencing club in the evening. I got one-upped last night when a couple of my students rolled up to the club last night in this 2010 Ural. Its a...
  13. melensdad

    I think I'm done Farkeling the NC750x for travel???

    Not everything is installed, not everything is even delivered, but I think I'm done. I think my NC750x is pretty much set for travel. Looking at somewhere between a 2500 and a 6500 mile ride this summer. I know that is a big spread. But plans are for Lake Michigan + Lake Superior circle...
  14. melensdad

    Anyone have a Dale's Rack for sale?

    Simple question, anyone have one of the Dale's Racks and are willing to sell it, please hit me up with a private message.
  15. melensdad

    Ordered a Corbin seat this morning for my NC750x

    So I have about a 2 hour maximum toleration time before the screaming butt pain starts with the standard seat. I tired to just get used to it. Bought some Moto-Skiveez to see if those would help, they do, but not enough. I tried to tough it out. I thought maybe I was just a crybaby and...
  16. melensdad

    Best roadside assistance/travel membership?

    So the lovely wife and I are going to be out on a long ride, from Indiana up into Canada, in August of this year. Looking for recommendations please. Who uses what? And what do you recommend? Triple A or AMA or what?
  17. melensdad

    Chain Oilers ... Are they really useful?

    I've never bothered with an automatic chain oiler. Then again, I've never left the house on a motorcycle and returned a few weeks later. Planning to change that and take a long ride this year. Considering adding a chain oiler and a lot of them seem to be overly complicated for what they are...
  18. melensdad

    D3O back armor = sweating back and zero airflow

    I have D30 back armor in my KLIM Apex Air and my First Gear Kilimanjaro jackets. Both are now Level 2. My wife has D30 back armor in her First Gear Monarch Jacket and her First Gear Mesh jacket. Monarch is Level 2, mesh is Level 1 armor. We both have the same complaint. The armor is HOT...
  19. melensdad

    Is the Madstad windscreen too effective?

    Used the stock windscreen until early fall last year. Installed the Madstad in the early fall and, after getting it adjusted properly, I thought it was perfect. Great wind protection, no buffeting, quiet and comfortable. What more could I ask out of a windscreen designed for touring? After...
  20. melensdad

    Denali DRL LED auxiliary light issue

    My wife rides a '16 NC700x and we added a set of Denali brand DRL LED lights to the front fork. They are mounted down by the wheel. Their purpose is to make the bike more conspicuous to oncoming drivers (the idiots who turn left in front of motorcycles and claim they "never saw" the...