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  1. SilverRocket

    2020: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    I have been so overworked, trying to fill the grocery store's shelves while attempting to avoid the entitled freaks who won't stay at home but are constantly shopping for non-essential items (lactose-free coffee creamer?) that I had to take a ride. Surfing is out of the question, now that all LA...
  2. SilverRocket

    Intro--Getting back to riding after 20+ years, the NC fits me--.

    I've been thinking about upgrading to the 750 ever since it came out, but a new DCT is almost impossible to find here. None of the dealers stock them. So I'll just keep waiting until I find a good used one (maybe in another state) and save the financial hit I'll be getting when I sell my 2016...
  3. SilverRocket

    Deal on low mile '13 NC700X?

    Are you saying you want a DCT bike for track use? Unusual. The bike looks in great condition. I especially noticed how clean the front brakes, ABS ring looked. It seems to have grip puppies on there, so maybe it hit the handles bars in a crash? Just be sure to have it inspected before handing...
  4. SilverRocket

    Problems with Sargent seat fitting an NC700X?

    Do you find your new seat to be a bit more slippery? I can't tell you how many things I've laid down on my Sargent seat while my bike is slanted on the kickstand- keys, gloves, etc., only to have them slip right off. Which rarely happened with the stock seat. I didn't pay extra for any custom...
  5. SilverRocket

    Problems with Sargent seat fitting an NC700X?

    You alo could have one for the 2nd gen 700 or the 750. Mine fit pretty well on my 2016, though not as good as stock and the front doen't line up flush. That's actually good, because it means the seat doesn't slope forward like the stock one. I had a Corbin seat on a previous bike that I had to...
  6. SilverRocket

    Lithium Jump Starter

    I never had a battery go bad on me until I had the NC700X DCT. So I got the NOCO GB40. It can start anything and can recharge phones, lap tops, etc many many times. It also has a flashlight with multiple modes. It's a big brick to carry but it's the best.
  7. SilverRocket

    New member from Florida

    I'm seeing lots of deals on NC750s on the East coast, so lucky you! Check daily.
  8. SilverRocket

    Rear mudguard from ebay

    I bought the Givi tire hugger (not from Revzilla) and used it for a while. I liked how it looked, but installation was a PITA. No usable instructions, as usual. I took it off for a full cleaning of the bike and could never get it put back on correctly. It called for using spacers underneath...
  9. SilverRocket

    Barkbuster Storm Handguards Black

    I thought I'd post these here before going on eBay. I used these Barkbuster Storms on my old 2009 Ninja 650R every winter, where they helped a little with the wind and cold. I have just one photo of them on the bike. I had put green tape over part of them, but that's been removed. Not used...
  10. SilverRocket

    NC700X 2013 Exc Cond w/GIVI Trekker Outback bags

    This bike has is modded just right, with most of the desirable upgrades riders want. If I were shopping for a 1st gen NC700 I'd buy it in a second and ad an aftermarket seat. Good luck with the sale!
  11. SilverRocket

    2018 NC750X price negotiation

    And to show how clueless (or dishonest) dealers can be, that bike shown is the more-expensive DCT version, as it has ABS, visible on the front brake disk. This bike could be ridden by so many people and should be one of the best sellers, but dealers don't have a clue how to sell a bike that can...
  12. SilverRocket

    2018 NC750X price negotiation

    If you can find a DCT buy it and sell it out here in CA. Especially if it's the red and silver. I can't find any of those out here, and the 2020 is a dark, graphite black color. It's almost as if Honda doesn't want its riders to be seen.
  13. SilverRocket

    2019: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    I visited the IMS Bike Show in Long Beach on Friday. They only had NC750s from 2018 model year to test ride. The bike that seemed to get the most attention was the upcoming Yamaha T7, but no price details. The bike least noticed was a very loaded Aprilia RS660. It has more tech than any...
  14. SilverRocket

    I had a letter answered

    But a well-mounted bag sitting securely on the passenger seat might hold more weight than any rear case on a luggage rack, unless someone has a new invention.
  15. SilverRocket

    Sargent seat rider portion

    Great deal. Why not an extreme difference over stock, I had put my bike's stock seat back on for a few weeks (thought about selling) and when I put my Sargent back on I just felt like I was more ready to ride long distances. I'm assuming the seat shown is for model year 2016+...
  16. SilverRocket

    Bikes you "lust" after but probably will never buy?

    I think since my NC700 is so practical, the bike I lust after has just got to be fast. Maybe the fastest: The Ninja H2R, from the 2014 Long Beach bike show.
  17. SilverRocket

    Puig Touring Windshield

    Yes, for the 2016+ models you just unscrew the 4 plastic bolts and swap in the Puig screen.
  18. SilverRocket

    Honda Rear Carrier

    I like those low profile side arms. The rack on my 2016 was from Honda, but I've never seen this part anywhere. My bike was a demo used by Honda at shows. I recently bashed my shin while swinging my leg over the bike, on the tip of the bend on the arms. I think mine might work better for a...
  19. SilverRocket

    Weird lurch, hit a car

    I almost had a Crampbuster mishap when I tried to remove it when I came to a stoplight back in the city after a trip on the highway. I tried to get it off the throttle so twisted it and the bike jumped forward, something I'd never experienced before, as all my previous bikes were manual and...
  20. SilverRocket

    Tuna sandwich was my second choice

    Cool ride!