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  1. CliffinAZ

    Nite Ize Figure 9 rope tightener - seriously, just go buy them

    My local Home Depot has an entire end cap in the tool department with the whole range of Nite Ize products. Extremely useful gadgets.
  2. CliffinAZ

    Honda Rear Carrier

    I had to replace a couple of mine too. I had the 2 from the other side to take to the hardware store and compare. Didn't keep a record of the size. (Sorry) The bigger problem is that there is a sleeve that goes into the hole, then the bolt passes through that. I found a piece of steel tubing...
  3. CliffinAZ

    New Member - Introduction

    Welcome from AZ
  4. CliffinAZ

    Hi from London

    Hello from Arizona
  5. CliffinAZ

    New member welcome thread..

    Thanks! Mike, we are just selling our 2nd home in Forest Trails.
  6. CliffinAZ

    New member welcome thread..

    Hi from AZ. Just got a 2012 NC700X this morning. 6324 Miles. Honda trunk and panniers. Yoshi muffler. New Michelin p4s. Now the mods can begin! Great forum.