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    Honda Plans For Zero Traffic Collision Fatalities By 2050 With World’s First Driver-Assist A.I.

    The more technology they introduce the more I want to build a street legal dune buggy with an old vw air cooled engine.
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    Question What if there's a gas shortage this winter?

    Hey guys, this thread is riding more than a little off topic and heading straight to the highly politicized ditch. I feel like We should get back on topic or shut it down.
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    2021: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    Same for me. I installed the Honda sub harness and some connectors put it all together.
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    [REVIEW] Scorpion EXO-R1 Air Carbon

    Seems like an awesome helmet but I’m always leery because it seems you never see a negative professional review.
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    What kind of motorcycle do you have?

    I use this one too. I tell folks it’s the not-Harley in the parking lot (everyone else at work has a bagger it seems)
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    Automatic-transmission on a motorcycle? 2021 Honda NC750X DCT | Daily Rider, by Zack Courts

    I did actually outgrow my first bike: Royal Enfield c5 bullet. 450 lbs, 23 hp I believe and top speed of 75 (max going down an incline slightly). I live in the country so most roads are 55-65 and this really taxed that little thumper. Overall a fun bike but love the NC.
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    What kind of motorcycle do you have?

    I tell them it’s my baby BMW or 3/4 size beemer. For some reason everyone seems to get that. If I have to expound on the type of Bike I’ll say it’s a commuter bike with off road pretentiousness
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    If/when the NT1100 comes state side

    No Frunk, no way for me. That and the MPG. The NC is the best commuter bike on the market today. For the price I don’t see this ever tempting me.
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    10 Lessons from a Motorcycle Journalist’s Career

    It’s hard for most people to truly buy a bike they can outride unless you’re a professional in such things.
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    Hi from Holland

    Welcome! Glad to have you. There are recommendations aplenty for windscreens but I believe Madstadt is recommended most frequently
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    Pannier mounts?

    Take a look at the givi mounts I’m not for sure that they would work but they do drop fairly far out from the bike and just fit under the rear grab bars.
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    Ethanol free gas instead of fuel stabilizer for winterizing?

    or whether Miller light tastes great or is less filling.
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    The Best Motorcycles of the 2010s

    I don’t see the NC700 series. Rigged!!!
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    How To Lowered Nc750x side/center stands

    Are the parts direct swap or are other modifications to be made to get them in there?
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    2021 NC750x up for Motorcycle of the Year award?

    I ride with HDs and Goldwings. They beat me on the flat and straight every time, but I out corner them most times too. HDs are cruisers. Cruisers are designed for freeway/Highway. They are much more planted than our bikes in those conditions but we do lots of things that they can’t (like not...
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    Question Mirror wideners?

    Yup something just like that. Thanks!
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    Question Mirror wideners?

    Anyone know of a good set of mirror wideners that will fit the 16-20 nc750x? Revzilla has generic and SW Motech has ones for “Honda”. Not sure if there is something special about ours or no. Any help is appreciated.
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    Honda center stand and skid plate

    Take a look at T-Rex racing. Nice made in USA (if that matters to you) and typically cheaper than the competition.